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A French Toyota City employee will introduce Toyota City's castles and the tourist spots around them, along with the Toyota Gojōin Project.

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Hello! This is Angie from the Internationalization Promotion Division at Toyota City Hall. Today, I’ll be introducing Ueno Castle and Terabe Castle, the final two castles of the Toyota Gojōin Project.

Ueno Castle (Ueno Kamimura Castle Site) is said to have been built in the 15th century. It’s not situated as high as most of the castles I’ve introduced you to so far, so it’s accessible for anyone to visit casually.

When you arrive at the castle ruins, you’ll be welcomed by torii gates. As you pass through them, you’ll be surrounded by a grove where you can feel the history of the site.

You can buy Ueno Castle’s gojōin at the Kamigo Kumin Hall or the information desk on the 2nd floor of T-Face’s B Building.

Terabe Castle was also constructed during the 15th century. There used to be a main building, a study, a tea room, and a storehouse on the castle’s site. You can take a walk while appreciating the view of various trees, such as Japanese maples, bamboo-leaf oaks, and muku trees in the Terabe Castle’s forest surrounding the stone monument.

You can purchase Terabe Castle’s gojōin at the information desk on the 2nd floor of T-Face’s B Building.

Kuragaike Park offers facilities with many activities to enjoy, including a zoo, botanical gardens, and a campsite.

I chose to visit the Toyota Kuragaike Commemorative Hall, located right next to the park. There, you can see the looms, which are the roots of Toyota Motor Corporation, and the first mass-produced Toyota automobiles. This exhibition, showcasing the development of the globally renowned Toyota Motor Corporation, was very interesting to me.

For lunch, I ate at a restaurant inside Kuragaike Park. I had a dish that combined the beans-vegetables curry and the beef curry. Both were delicious! Also, there is a wonderful view of Kuragaike Park to be enjoyed from the restaurant’s terrace.

Finally, I visited Toyota City Nature Sanctuary. It’s a vast place, so I couldn’t explore all of it, but I did take a walk around the wetland. Through the exhibition on the 2nd floor of the Nature Center, you can learn about the forest’s vegetation and creatures. I think that taking a walk in this place rich with nature before learning about the forest’s inhabitants is an enjoyable experience for both kids and adults.

With this article, I’ve covered all 12 castles of the Toyota Gojōin Project. It was a fun experience to visit all these castles while collecting their gojōin! Don’t hesitate to visit these castles as well as their nearby tourist spots!

Kuragaike Park

Toyota Kuragaike Commemorative Hall

Toyota City Nature Sanctuary

Toyota Gojōin Project

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