[Shizuoka/Izu] Stay at SORA and enjoy the cherry blossoms in Izu.

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Cherry blossoms are synonymous with spring in Japan, and their beauty and ephemerality captivate visitors. The Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture is particularly well-known for its early-blooming cherry blossoms, making it an attractive place where you can anticipate the arrival of spring.

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Spring feast on the Izu Peninsula

The Izu Peninsula is characterized by a warm climate, and the cherry blossoms bloom earlier than other areas.

Japan's earliest blooming cherry tree "Toi Sakura"

The best time to see them is surprisingly around the end of January.

Next is the Kawazu cherry tree, which is in full bloom from mid-February to early March .

Its elegant pale pink petals,

They bloom beautifully as if to announce the arrival of spring.

Shuzenji located in the center of the Izu Peninsula

Shuzenji is located in the middle of the Izu Peninsula,

Centered around SORA, we travel to Higashi Izu, Nishi Izu, and Minami Izu depending on the season.

It's a convenient area to move around in, where you can plan your trip exactly as you want.


``SORA Togetsuso Kinryu '' is a popular inn with an open-air bath at Izu Shuzenji Onsen.

Stay at SORA and enjoy all the cherry blossoms in Izu.

Traffic jams are expected during the cherry blossom season, but on the first day we enjoyed Shuzenji,

If you head there the next morning, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms at your leisure without getting stuck in traffic.

SORA's cherry blossoms

In addition, the weeping cherry blossoms at our inn are

It starts blooming in late March and reaches its peak in early April.

One step ahead

Why not take a trip to Izu to get ahead of spring?

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