12 local delicacies you must try when you visit Gero Onsen - from classic delicacies to unique sweets

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Gero Onsen, located in Gifu Prefecture, is easily accessible with direct buses from Nagoya Station. In this article, we will introduce 12 local delicacies that the inn staff confidently recommend.

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Enjoy local cuisine at Gero Onsen

Gero Onsen is famous as one of the three most famous hot springs in Japan. We will introduce you to the gourmet food that can only be eaten in the area around Gero Onsen town. If you come to Hida, you must try Hida beef, the local specialty natto-eating pork, the only sweets in the world, and photogenic desserts. Enjoy both the hot springs and gourmet food at Gero Onsen.

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1. Yushimaan: A Hida beef nigiri restaurant run by a long-established local butcher

At "Yushimaan," a restaurant run by a long-established local butcher, you can easily enjoy Hida beef, a specialty of the Hida region, in nigiri sushi. You can compare and taste three types of nigiri sushi: marbled Hida beef, lean Hida beef, and Gero's specialty "Nattoku pork." They are served on shrimp crackers so that you can easily eat them on the go.

Enjoy the unique sweetness of high-quality Hida beef that only a butcher can offer!

2. Enjoy a sweet time in a foot bath at "Yuami-ya"

"Yuami-ya" sells sweets that can be eaten while soaking your feet in the footbath in front of the store. The "Ontama Soft Serve" is a cold soft serve ice cream topped with a hot spring egg made in Gero Onsen, which should be mixed well with the brown rice flakes. The richness of the ice cream makes it even more delicious! The unique texture and flavor are popular. The smooth and rich "Honwaka Pudding" is served warm in a tub in front of the store.

3. Senjudo: The world's only store specializing in chestnut sweets

Senjudo, the only shop in the world specializing in horse chestnut sweets, is run by a horse chestnut rice cracker shop founded in 1971. Horse chestnuts are a part of the food culture of Gero, so you can experience a taste that can only be found in Gero Onsen. The "soft rice cracker with a 30-second expiration date" is a rare item that can only be eaten in-store, so please be sure to try it. Horse chestnut rice crackers are baked every day from 9:00 to 16:00.

4. Stroll through the hot spring town with some authentic coffee at "Homemade Roasted Coffee Perigord"

How about taking a leisurely stroll through the hot spring town with a cup of "Perigord" coffee? We carefully roast our coffee in a direct-fire roaster using lava stones. We also sell a variety of home-roasted coffee beans, and can make suggestions to suit your taste. Enjoy it with a hearty hot sandwich. By using bread that does not contain food additives, you can enjoy the rich aroma of wheat. One of our sweets, "Japanese Horse Chestnut Crushed Ice," is a flavor that can only be enjoyed in Gero.

5. "NITAROU Yunoshima Store" - Authentic sweets to eat on the go from a long-established Japanese confectionery shop

At "NITAROU Yunoshima Store," a long-established Japanese confectionery shop offers authentic snacks to eat on the go. The stretchy warabi mochi comes in a container designed to resemble a yutub, making it perfect for snacking on the go in the hot spring town. One of the popular items, "Kurimaruke," means "full of chestnuts" in Hida dialect. As the name suggests, it is a chestnut kinton soft serve topped with plenty of chestnut Mont Blanc, garnished with chestnut rice crackers and candied chestnuts, making it an irresistible dish for chestnut lovers!

6. Gero's first pudding specialty store, "Gero Pudding"

Gero Pudding is a shop with a large frog sculpture that catches your eye in the hot spring town. Contrary to its cute and pop appearance, it sells high-quality puddings made with carefully selected ingredients. With just one bite, the rich taste of pure fresh cream and high-quality eggs, and the rich aroma of natural vanilla fill your mouth. If you're trying something to eat while walking around, we recommend the Gero Pudding Soft Serve! It's a fun-looking dish with rich soft serve ice cream on top of the popular pudding.

The paper take-home bags and cooler bags are also cute and make perfect souvenirs.

7. Homemade butter sweets and rice balls "GEROGERO Butter Stand"

At "GEORGER Butter Stand," which has a cute cow soaking her feet in a buttermilk footbath in front of the store, popular items include "butter sandwiches" made with plenty of homemade butter, and "grilled rice balls" with the perfect combination of fragrant soy sauce and creamy butter. There are a wide variety of each, so you can enjoy the luxury of being spoilt for choice! The bright yellow design of the store is also perfect for photos.

8. Enjoy with beer! Butcher's "Gero Curry Bread"

The long and slender shape of the Gero Curry Bread makes it easy to hold and eat, making it the perfect item to eat while walking around. The shop is run by a butcher, so there is plenty of meat in the curry! Another great thing about this shop is that you can easily enjoy Hida beef and natto-eating pork, which are local specialties. Enjoy eating your way around the hot spring town with a spicy curry bread and a beer in hand!

There is also a shooting gallery on the second floor, which is typical of a hot spring town.

9. Enjoy local cuisine easily! Addictive taste at "Gero Keichan-ya"

Gero Keichanya is the original Kushi Keichan restaurant, which serves Gero's soul food, keichan, on a skewer so that it can be easily eaten while walking around. Each kebab is carefully skewered and you can choose from three flavors: soy sauce, salt, or miso. The chewy texture and sweet cabbage mixed with the sauce will make you addicted.

10. Newly opened in the hot spring town! Local cuisine Keichan's fried chicken "Hagiya Keichan"

A long-established manufacturer of Gifu's local dish "Keichan" opened a store in Gero Onsen town in 2023! As a takeout item, you can enjoy their carefully made Keichan marinated in a secret sauce, fried in chicken style. As it is fried to order, it is hot, juicy, and freshly fried! Recommended for those who want to enjoy local cuisine more easily.

11. Great for taking photos! The only crepe shop in Gero Onsen town, "En du Plaisir"

The crepes, which are made with lightly sweet whipped cream and plenty of fresh fruit, are made with great care, even down to the dough. In addition to sweet treats, snack crepes, which are recommended as a light meal, are also popular.

The "Kerokero Special", which features a cute handmade frog and hot spring mark, is only available at stores in Gero Onsen town and in limited quantities, so be sure to get there early.

12. Enjoy the skin-beautifying sweets at Suimeikan Lobby Lounge "Evian"

The lobby lounge "Evian" on the first floor of the long-established inn Suimeikan serves "Gero Choux Parfait", one of the Gero Onsen Skin Beauty Projects. The custard cream and choux made with local eggs and milk are rich in amino acids that lead to lustrous, beautiful skin, and are combined with amazake (sweet sake) which is effective for whitening and dieting. The amazake used is from Tenryo Shuzo.

Learn about Gero Onsen's Beautiful Skin Project

If you want to enjoy Gero at your own pace, head to "Suimeikan"

If you get tired of eating your way around the hot spring town, why not take a rest at Suimeikan, a long-established inn in Gero? You can also take a day trip to the hot springs to relax and soothe your tired body. When you stay overnight, you can choose from a variety of room types to find a plan that suits your needs.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, including Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine. We offer Hida beef and natto pork.

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