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Regional revitalization content “Onsen Musume” and Minamichita Town

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We will explain about Onsen Musume, a content that aims to revitalize the region, and Minamichita Mayuno-chan, a character from Minamichita Town, Aichi Prefecture.

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What is Onsen Musume?

The Onsen Musume Project is a regional revitalization project created to communicate the appeal of hot spring resorts and local cities across Japan both domestically and internationally through IP (Intellectual Property) such as anime, manga, characters, and voice actors. "is.

There are characters based on each hot spring area, and each character is created by a different illustrator and voiced by a different voice actor.

Characters of Minamichita Onsen Village in Aichi Prefecture

Characters also exist in the hot spring village of Minamichita-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi Prefecture. That is Mayuno Minamichita!

She is voiced by Eriko Matsui, who is also a voice actress from Aichi Prefecture.

She is an excited gal-like girl who uses modern language and is knowledgeable about trends.She has a fearless personality and actively tries to communicate with her superiors. She seems to be a clever girl who can respond in a casual way by reading the atmosphere of the place.

My favorite foods are blowfish sashimi and shirasu-don, a specialty of Minamichita Town.

Mayuno Minamichita and Genji-koh

Minamichita Mayuno-chan can also be met at Genji-koh.

The panel with an original illustration of a person wearing a Heian-style Juni- Genji-koh. You can also purchase Minamichita Mayuno's original goods at Genji-koh.


At Genji-koh, you can not only enjoy hot springs and cuisine, but also experience anime, a culture that Japan is proud of. Not only Japanese people but also overseas people take many photos.

Please come to Genji-koh and meet Mayuno Minamichita.

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