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[Stay in Minamichita, Aichi Prefecture] An inn where you can enjoy an open-air bath above the clouds with a spectacular view

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We would like to introduce you to Genji-koh, a ryokan in Minamichita, Aichi Prefecture, where you can enjoy a relaxing open-air bath while looking out over Ise Bay. A must-see for those who want a luxurious experience where you can enjoy hot springs and the sea at the same time!

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Two types of open-air baths above the clouds

Genji-koh's open-air bath is characterized by the fact that you can enjoy the scenery that spreads out in front of you as if you were above the clouds. We would like to introduce two types of open-air baths.

"Fushimi no Yu"

There is a rock bath and a round cypress bath. Of course, you can see Ise Bay, and if the weather is nice, you can also see Ise Grand Shrine right in front of you. It is also called the ``hot spring of longevity'' due to the ingredients in the hot spring.

"Ise no Yu"

You can enjoy two views of Minamichita cityscape and Ise Bay at the same time. When the sun goes down, you can see a different view. In addition to the cypress bath, there is also a lying bath and pot bath, so you can have the bath all to yourself and feel luxurious.

Introducing two indoor baths

There are also indoor baths on the 9th and 8th floors of Genji-koh. You can see the view of the mountain side opposite to the open-air bath. You can spend a relaxing time surrounded by nature.

We also offer ice cream after your bath!

We also have ice cream available for you when you get out of the bath. Here you can enjoy the scenery and forget about time.

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Through the deep and tranquil world of incense that reminds us of the hospitality and elegance of scent, Genji-koh is an inn that reminds you of the elegance of the era of The Tale of Genji. Our inn is Japan's first Japanese-style inn with a scent-themed theme. Awakening the forgotten peace of mind. You can feel the comfort of incense everywhere in your room and throughout the hotel.

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