Niigata's Murakami City: Enjoy Fun Events, Sightseeing, and Local Cuisine!

Let's go to Tomioka City! Enjoy both history and soul food at "Café Drome", which is right next to the World Heritage Tomioka Silk Mill!

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After touring the Tomioka Silk Mill, take a break at a cafe in a historic old folk house. The retro interior and sweets made with Gunma's soul food ``miso'' are a must-see!

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A few words about Cafe Drome

An old folk house cafe located 50 meters east of the World Heritage Site "Tomioka Silk Mill". It opened in 2008 after renovating a building built in 1888. It is said that people involved in silk mills also used it at the time.

The concept is a space and taste that can only be enjoyed here, and the ingredients are sourced from Gunma Prefecture as much as possible. The store's name comes from the birthplace of Tomioka Silk Mill's French technical instructor, Paul Brunat, the Drôme department.

The carefully selected coffee and miso sweets are popular, and the retro interior reminiscent of those days is a must-see. This is a heartwarming shop where you will be greeted by the owner, Mr. Yoshizawa, who has a gentle smile and a lovely smile!

Inside the store where you can feel the culture and history of the time

``I want it to leave a lasting impression on tourists who come to Tomioka Silk Mill want to offer something that can only be found in Tomioka!'' The interior design is inspired by the French style. He purchases antique accessories himself and recreates the times. It seems that he went to purchase mainly in the Drôme department in France, where Paul Brunat was born. Some items were sent by mail, but they were all so precious that I brought them back here in a carrying case!

The tables and chairs are retro and very comfortable to sit on! On the second floor, the mud walls and stiffness remain, and there are also photographs of Tomioka City at the time, giving you a sense of what it was like back then. (Due to construction going on that day, I wasn't able to take photos of the second floor. Photos are posted on the Café Drome website.)

Special attention is paid to coffee and sweets

Coffee is specialty coffee.

``We always adjust the brewing time and the coarseness of the beans so that today's flavor is the most delicious.We always check the taste to ensure that the flavor is not biased and that everyone who drinks it will find it delicious.'' The owner who gave me the coffee was actually surprised when I heard that he couldn't drink coffee! When you learn about the efforts and thoughts that go into providing the food, it becomes even more delicious.

And when it comes to cafes, sweets are also important!

So, what you should try with your specialty coffee is "Sokoga Miso," the most popular sweet made with miso.

"Huh? Miso? For sweets?" You might think so, but it actually goes really well with it! Miso has a history of being commonly eaten in Gunma Prefecture (and still is, of course), and miso bread and yakimanju are representative examples of this, and I love them too. This pudding was created by focusing on miso, which is loved by the people of Gunma Prefecture.

The surface is lightly brûléed and fragrant, and the inside is creamy. The caramel sauce at the bottom contains miso, which gives a slight aftertaste. Miso on the bottom...yes! “That’s where it’s at”! The miso isn't overpowering, so it's easy to eat.

The pudding is 1,000 yen with a drink (pudding alone is 600 yen). In addition to coffee, we also have original herbal teas made with mulberry leaves from Tomioka City. Herbal teas are also sold in tea bags, which are recommended as souvenirs.

We also have limited time menus, so be sure to check out our Instagram!

Strollers are also OK! Wide range of customers

Recently, the number of young people such as college students has been increasing, and people of all ages and genders are visiting the store. They also accept bus tour groups and foreign visitors tourist tours several times a year. (Advance reservation required)

There is a ramp at the entrance, so strollers and wheelchairs can enter the store, but please be careful as there is a step when going to the restroom.

There is no English menu yet, but they will help you with translation apps. (English is also OK for everyday conversation) Currently, we only offer drinks such as coffee and herbal tea for vegans. You can get a 20 yen discount on take-out drinks if you bring your own bottle.

Enjoy Tomioka City!

Cafe Drome is located 50 meters east of Tomioka Silk Mill and about a 10-minute walk from Joshu Tomioka Station, where you can relax and enjoy a calm atmosphere. After touring the Tomioka Silk Mill, why not get a feel for the history and culture of that time while enjoying some delicious coffee and sweets?

"I want people who come to Tomioka City to have fun. There are various events every week, so I want them to come and have fun!"

said the owner, Mr. Yoshizawa. There are many other shops nearby, and just walking around the retro townscape is fun!

*For weekend event information, please see the URL below.

Check here for event information in Tomioka City

Cafe Drome basic information

Address : 51-4 Tomioka, Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture

TEL : 0274-67-1123

Business hours : Weekdays 11:00-16:00 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00-17:00

Regular holiday : Thursday (open if it is a holiday)

Access : 50m east of Tomioka Silk Mill

10 minutes walk from Joshu Tomioka Station

Payment method : Credit card, PayPay, various transportation ICs can be used



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