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Minakami Onsen - Relax at Fabulous Hot Springs Near Tokyo!

Minakami Onsen - Relax at Fabulous Hot Springs Near Tokyo!

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Minakami Onsen is a hot spring resort in Gunma Prefecture, which can be easily reached from Tokyo in about one hour by train. An ideal destination for a day trip, it has amazing hot springs and Japanese-style inns, which we introduce here.

Minakami Onsen - Gunma's Famous Hot Springs

Minakami Onsen is a hot spring resort town in Minakami, the northernmost point of Gunma prefecture. Along with Kusatsu Onsen and Ikaho Onsen, Minakami Onsen is known for being one of the prominent hot spring areas in the Kanto region.

In recent years, there has been a growing number of activities that take advantage of the natural spots found in this region. Tone River, a river that runs along the side of Minakami where the hot springs are clustered, is a river where you can take part in rafting and canoeing. Along with the nine ski resorts here where you can ski and snowboard in winter, this is a town that has the perfect environment for everybody from kids to adults to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

The Health Benefits and Distinguishing Features of Minakami Onsen

The quality of water in the hot springs is different in every bath. The most notable quality of water at Minakami Onsen is the calcium sulfate spring. A calcium spring is said to be good for treating bruises and cuts, wounds such as burns, and even breakouts of acne and rashes on the skin. These waters are clear and colorless.

How to Get to Minakami Onsen from Tokyo

For those coming from Tokyo, it’s best to take the JR Joetsu shinkansen. From Tokyo Station, get on the Joetsu Toki shinkansen headed for Niigata and get off at Jomokogen Station. It takes about an hour and 10 minutes, and costs 5390 yen.

Upon arriving at Jomokogen Station, get on the Kanetsu Transport regular route bus and get off at the closest stop to Minakami Onsen, Minakami Station bus stop. It takes about 25 minutes, and (as of March 2017) costs 620 yen.

By Highway Bus from Shinjuku Station

From December 1st 2017 to May 6th 2018, from Shinjuku's highway bus terminal, Busta Shinjuku fourth floor to Minakami Station, Kan'etsu Highway Bus, the Joshu Yukemura Liner for Minakami Onsen, is available.

One way tickets are 3300 yen, round trip are 5500 yen. It takes just four hours to travel from Shinjuku Station to Minakami Station on this bus.

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