Tokyo Station Guide - Helpful Tips To Navigate Its Labyrinth

Tokyo Station Guide - Helpful Tips To Navigate Its Labyrinth

Tokyo 2017.02.17

Getting around the gigantic Tokyo Station might be intimidating to travelers, with its great distances between platforms. Here are some tips to make your way safe and hassle-free in Tokyo Station.

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by miho

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For first-time visitors, and even for international residents of Japan, the first confrontation with the gargantuan Tokyo Station can feel quite daunting. The station’s size is such that just walking from the shinkansen platform to the platform for the trains bound for Tokyo Disney Resort will take over twenty minutes.

Having said that, the interior of the station and the connecting facilities are home to a bounty of shops that stock rare items, and Tokyo Station has great appeal for its status as a nexus for travelers heading to every part of Japan, either via regular train or via shinkansen.

So that you don’t get lost in the labyrinth, prepare yourself with this strategy guide to Tokyo Station!

Distinguish Between Train Lines By Their Color and Shape On Signs

The simplest way to avoid getting lost in Tokyo Station is to lock onto the color of your train line. As long as you know the name and color of the train line you need to take, all you have to do is follow the signs. JR lines, which you can switch to from inside the station, are indicated by white rectangles on signs. The Marunouchi and Tozai subway lines, which are outside the ticket gates, are indicated by circles on yellow signs.

The color code for train lines is below.

・Yamanote Line - yellow-green
・Chuo Line - orange
・Keihin Tohoku Line - light blue
・Tokaido Main Line - deep orange
・Yokosuka Line/Sobu Line Rapid Service - blue
・Keiyo Line - red
・Musashino Line - red

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