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How to Get to Tokyo from Haneda Airport Terminal 3

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This article introduces three ways of getting to Tokyo from Haneda Airport Terminal 3 via the train, monorail, and bus. Read on to find out how to use these modes of transportation so you can quickly access Tokyo and start your sightseeing adventure.

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The 3 Best Ways to Get to Tokyo From Haneda Airport

Arrival Lobby

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 (formerly Haneda Airport International Terminal) serves as one of the gateways to Japan.

Essentially, there are three methods of transportation from Haneda Airport to Tokyo's main train stations and sightseeing spots: train, monorail, and highway bus.

This article introduces how to use the transportation from Haneda's Arrival Lobby and our recommended points.

Haneda - Tokyo Transportation: Comparison of Time and Prices (*)

Transportation Type Required Time One-Way Fare Suitable for
From Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station
About 32 minutes
(One transfer)
510 yen (IC Card 505 yen) People going to Asakusa as well as Shinjuku Station, Shibuya Station, and JR stations
From Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station
About 23 minutes
(One transfer)
690 yen (IC Card 686 yen) People wanting to get to Tokyo Station ASAP, those with lots of luggage
Highway Bus
From Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station
About 55 minutes 1,000 yen People not in a hurry, those wanting to get to their destination easily with no transfers

*The information listed is for example purposes only. The required travel time and fare differ according to the train's stopping time and status, the method of transfer, the respective bus, and so on.

From Haneda Airport to Tokyo

1. Train: A Reasonably-Priced Transportation Option
2. Monorail: A Good Choice When Going to Tokyo Station
3. Highway Bus: Convenient With No Transfers
4. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Train: A Reasonably-Priced Transportation Option

Keikyu Line Ticket Gate

The train is a reasonably-priced transportation option. With fewer major delays, we also recommend the train for those who want to stick closely to their planned itinerary.

The train station at Haneda Airport Terminal 3 is the Keikyu Line's (Keikyu Corporation) Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station.

It offers great access to places within Tokyo, including Shinjuku Station, Shibuya Station, and Asakusa Station. In addition, the Keikyu Line goes as far as Shinagawa Station (Shinkansen stop) with no required transfers. Therefore, it's also convenient for those planning to take the Shinkansen.

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station - Shinagawa Station: Travel Time (*)

Route Airport Limited Express Limited Express Kaitoku Limited Express Tokkyu Express Local Train
Haneda Airport Terminal 3 - Shinagawa Station 11 minutes 13 minutes 18 minutes 19 minutes 31 minutes

*The information listed is for example purposes only. The required travel time and fare differ according to the respective train's stopping time and status, the method of transfer, and so on.

For all the train types mentioned in the table above, the fare is the same: 330 yen (IC card 327 yen).

The Keikyu Line has five different train options: the Airport Limited Express, Limited Express Kaitoku, Limited Express Tokkyu, Express, and Local Train. The stations where they stop and the required time to their destination differ depending on the train.

For example, the Airport Limited Express allows you to access Asakusa Station in about 33 minutes with no required transfers. The same train will take you as far as Narita Airport with no transfers.

Now, starting from the second-floor Arrival Lobby at Haneda Airport Terminal 3, let's try heading to the Keikyu Line ticket gates!

Getting to the Ticket Gates

Information Counter

First, you'll see the Information Counter with the large question mark (center in the above photo) upon exiting the Arrival Lobby on the second floor. Let's go to the right of the counter and proceed ahead.

Front of Keikyu Railway Line

You'll soon see the Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station-Keikyu Line Gate (back left of photo).

Keikyu Line Ticket Vending Machine

There's a ticket-vending machine right in front of the gate, so let's first buy a train ticket. Then, insert the ticket into the ticket gate and pass through. We can take an escalator down to the train platform.

In recent years, the use of the IC Card has been increasing. Using an IC Card can save you a few yen on your train fare, so we recommend it.

Information on Discount Tickets

When traveling around Tokyo by subway, we recommend the Welcome! Tokyo Subway Ticket for holders of the IC Card (PASMO), and the Keikyu Hanetoku Ticket & Tokyo Subway Ticket for those who don't have an IC Card.

Depending on the ticket, the one-day fare ranges from 1,400 to 1,500 yen for adults and 600 to 650 yen for children. Travelers have unlimited use of any of Tokyo's subway lines for the entire day.

Additionally, there are discount tickets allowing you to fully enjoy the area along the Keikyu Line. For details, please refer to the official website.

Also, international visitors transferring to the JR line at Shinagawa Station can use the Japan Rail Pass.

2. Monorail: Gets You to Tokyo Station Quickly

Monorail Ticket Gate

The Tokyo Monorail departs from Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station. It arrives at Tokyo Station in about 23 minutes (one transfer), faster than the Keikyu Line.

Also, JR Hamamatsucho Station is accessible in just 14 minutes with no transfers. This station is convenient for transferring to the JR Yamanote Line and Toei Oedo Subway Line.

Inside the Tokyo Monorail, there's also space for storing luggage. We recommend the monorail if you have large suitcases.

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station - Hamamatsucho Station: Travel Time (*)

Route Haneda Express Rapid Train Local Train Fare
Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station to Hamamatsucho Station About 14 minutes About 16 minutes About 20 minutes 520 yen (IC Card 519 yen)

*The information listed is for example purposes only. The required travel time and fare differ according to the respective train's stopping time and status, the method of transfer, and so on.

Getting to the Ticket Gates

Information Desk

First, we'll leave from the second-floor Arrival Lobby. When the information counter comes into view, go to the left, opposite the train.

In Front of the Monorail

After walking for a while, Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station-Tokyo Monorail Gate will appear on your left.

Please note that it's a different ticket gate than the Keikyu Train Line.

Monorail Ticket Gate

Next, let's buy a ticket from the ticket vending machine and pass through the gates. Once inside, take the escalator to the third floor, and you'll arrive at the platform.

Information on Discount Tickets

For travelers taking the monorail from the airport and getting off at a station along the JR Yamanote Line, we recommend the Monorail and Yamanote Line Discount Ticket. This allows passengers leaving Haneda Airport Terminal 1, 2, or 3 to get off at any one of the stations along the JR Yamanote Line. It's also more economical than the standard fare, costing 540 yen for adults and 270 yen for children.

This discount ticket can be used on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and specific days designated by Tokyo Monorail. Please check the official website for further details!

Additionally, there's the Tokyo Monorail 1-Day Pass (Japanese), so please choose the ticket that best meets your needs.

3. Highway Bus: Convenient With No Transfers

Highway Bus

One attractive feature of the Highway Bus is that it allows you to get to Tokyo sightseeing spots directly without any transfers. We also recommend the bus for first-time Tokyo visitors and those unfamiliar with train and monorail transfers.

The time required to reach one's destination depends on when you take the bus. Also, it can sometimes take more time than expected due to traffic conditions. Please allow yourself plenty of travel time when using the bus.

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Bus Terminal (*)

Destination Bus Stop Approximate Time Required Fare
Tokyo Station 1 About 55 minutes 1,000 yen
Ikebukuro Station (West Gate) 2 About 70 minutes 1,400 yen
Shinjuku (Bus Terminal Shinjuku) 3 About 60 minutes 1,400 yen
Shibuya Station (Mark City) 4 About 80 minutes 1,100 yen
Asakusa (Asakusa View Hotel) 5 About 80 minutes 1,200 yen

*The information listed is effective as of April 16, 2024. Please note that the bus stops, required travel times, and fares can sometimes change. Please refer to the official website for the latest information.

The bus bound for Shinjuku will arrive at bus stop 3, the bus for Shibuya at bus stop 4, and the Asakusa bus at bus stop 5. You can line up at the respective bus stop or use the waiting lounge.

If you don't know where the bus stop is or have a concern, please ask one of the staff members.

Getting to the Proper Bus Stop

Bus Ticket

We'll buy our ticket beforehand at the bus ticket counter. The ticket counter is on the left-hand side after exiting the second-floor Arrival Lobby.

Bus Ticketing Machines

Buying a ticket at the bus ticket-vending machine opposite the bus ticket counter is also possible.

We recommend the bus ticket counter when using a bus at the airport for the first time. There is staff manning the counter, so you can be assured of getting a ticket upon telling them your destination.

For travelers in a hurry, using one of the ticket machines would be a good idea.

Bus Signs

After purchasing our ticket, we'll follow the bus sign (red circle in the photo above) and head for the bus stop. First, we'll go straight next to the elevator. When we reach the end, we'll go to the right, and there will be a path on the left-hand side.


It opens up into a large space when you follow this path. This is the second floor, but the highway bus stop is on the first floor.

To go down to the first floor, you can take the escalator on the right (red arrow in the photo above) or the elevator on the left (yellow arrow). The elevator is handy when you have lots of luggage.

Highway Bus

When you reach the first floor, the bus stop is directly in front of you.

Bus Ticket Vending Machine

Even if you forgot to buy a ticket at the Arrival Lobby counter, there's no need to worry! The bus stop also has a ticket-vending machine in front of the elevator.

Information on Discount Tickets

Depending on your destination, you can use a discount pass.

For example, let's say you have plans to go sightseeing in Shinjuku. When you arrive at Shinjuku Station's West Gate via the limousine bus and show your bus ticket to the attendant, you'll receive a complimentary Shinjuku We Bus Ticket.

The Shinjuku We Bus is a beltline bus that connects various points in the Shinjuku area, including business facilities, parking lots, and stations.

Even when you have luggage, this bus allows you to move about the Shinjuku area and enjoy many places, including the East Shinjuku area, the Kabukicho area, and Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

Please see the Airport Limousine Bus official website for more details.

For visitors going from Haneda Airport to Shibuya and back, it's a good idea to buy a Haneda Airport-Shibuya Area Return Discount Ticket. The usual one-way fare is 1,050 yen. But if you buy this discount ticket, the fare is 500 yen cheaper for adults. For further details on this ticket, please see the Airport Limousine Bus official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which train lines connect with Haneda Airport?

The Keikyu Line and Tokyo Monorail both connect with Haneda Airport.

Which station should I get off at when going to Haneda Airport?

Both the Keikyu Line (Keihin Kyuko Railway) and the Tokyo Monorail hook up with Haneda Airport. When riding the Keikyu Line, please get off at Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station, Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station, or Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station, depending on which terminal you're going to. When using the Tokyo Monorail, it also depends on which terminal you're going to. Get off at Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station for Terminal 1, Terminal 2 Station for Terminal 2, and Terminal 3 Station for Terminal 3.

How far apart are Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at Haneda Airport?

Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are connected by a 400-meter-long underground passageway. It takes about five minutes to go from one terminal to the other. There's also a free shuttle bus that operates between the different terminals. This bus takes about three minutes to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2.

What floor is Haneda Airport's Keikyu Line on?

It's on B1F in Terminal 1 and 2, and the entrance to the Keikyu Line is located on the second floor of Terminal 3.

What level is Haneda Airport's Tokyo Monorail on?

It's on B1F in Terminal 1 and 2, and the entrance to the Monorail Line is located on the second floor of Terminal 3.

In Conclusion

What did you think of this article? Understanding beforehand how each of the three transportation methods from Haneda Airport operates will make you more confident.

Find the transport method that suits you best, and then have a comfortable and enjoyable trip in Japan!

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