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Get To Tokyo From Haneda Airport Simply - Train, Monorail, And Bus Guide!

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After arriving at Haneda Airport, what's the best way to get to Tokyo? We introduce 3 efficient and simple ways of getting to Tokyo from the airport arrival lobby using trains, buses, and the monorail. You'll be able to smoothly access Tokyo.

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From Haneda Airport to Tokyo!


Haneda Airport International Terminal is a major gateway to Japan. After arriving at Haneda Airport, it's time to start your journey in Tokyo!

To get from Haneda Airport to Tokyo's main stations and sightseeing spots, there are three main methods of transportation.

The first method is by train. We recommend the train if you would like to get to stations including Tokyo Station, and Shinjuku Station, JR (Japan Railway) stations, and Asakusa.

The second way is by highway bus. We recommend this for visitors who aren't in a rush. It's convenient because after boarding you don't need to make any transfers.

Finally, there's the monorail. This is ideal when you want to go to Odaiba and Tokyo Disney Resort.

From among these three methods of transportation, there are probably many of you who are wondering which one is most suitable.

In order to help you make that decision, we introduce how to take each transportation method along with tips, starting from the arrival lobby of Haneda Airport.

Continue reading and let's get to Tokyo smoothly!

1. Take the Train for a Reasonably Priced Ride


The train is the most economical transport option. Also, Japanese trains are known for their punctuality and accuracy.

The Keikyu Train Line operates to and from Haneda Airport.

If you are going to Asakusa, we recommend taking the train. Board the Keikyu Airport Line-Limited Express (heading for Imba Nihon-idai), the Keikyu Airport Line-Limited Express (heading for Aoto), or the Keikyu Airport Line-Airport Limited Express (heading for Narita Airport) and you'll be able to get there without having to make a transfer.

Also, if you board the Keikyu Airport Line-Airport Limited Express (heading for Narita Airport), you can get to Narita Airport as well without any transfers.

In addition, when going to Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, and Shibuya Station, it is simple to use this train and then transfer to the JR Yamanote Line or the Keikyu Tohoku Line at Shinagawa Station.

Head to the second floor arrival lobby to navigate to the ticket gates of the Keikyu Line train!

How to Get to the Ticket Gates


After leaving the arrival lobby, you will see an information counter (above picture) designated by a sign with a question mark (?). Let's continue on by going to the right of the information desk.


If we keep going, we'll get to the ticket gate entrance (past the left side in above picture) for the Keikyu Line Haneda Airport International Terminal Station.


In Japan, tickets are purchased first, before passing through the ticket gates. In front of the ticket gates is a ticket machine. Let's buy our ticket here before boarding the train.

In recent years, the use of IC Cards has increased considerably. By utilizing an IC Card, you can save on regular ticket prices in many cases. We highly recommend purchasing one.

Saving on Ticket Prices

For people considering taking the subway around Tokyo, we recommend the Keikyu Haneda / Subway Common Pass. The fee for adults is 1,310 yen and children are 660 yen. Ticket holders can ride all of Tokyo's subway lines as much as they want for one day.

By riding the subway, you can get to all major stations including Tokyo Station, Asakusa Station, and Shinjuku Station.
For more details please have a look at their official home page.

Also, for Japan Rail Pass holders can also use their pass if they transfer to a JR line at Shinagawa Station.

2. Highway Bus - Convenient with No Transfers Required


Taking the bus requires no transfers and allows you to comfortably travel to major sightseeing spots, by taking you to Shinjuku Station, Shibuya Station, and the Asakusa area. This is an ideal method of transport for first-time visitors to Japan and for visitors who feel uneasy about taking the train.

Traveling time on the bus can differ depending on what time you ride. Also, getting to your destination may take longer than anticipated due to traffic conditions, so it's best to use the bus when you have some flexibility in your schedule.

Getting to the Bus Terminal


Purchase your ticket at the bus ticket counter before boarding. The bus ticket counter is on the left side, making it easy to spot, just after leaving the arrival lobby on the second floor.


There's also a bus ticket vending machine where you can make your purchase directly across from the bus ticket counter.

If you are taking a bus for the first time in Japan, we recommend going to the bus ticket counter. Just tell the employee where you'd like to go, and you'll be able to buy your ticket without any problem.

Visitors in a hurry can purchase your ticket at one of the available vending machines.


After buying our ticket, we'll use the bus signage (see the red circle in the above photo) as our guide, and make our way over to the bus terminal.

Go straight ahead past the elevators. When we get to the end of the corridor by the elevators, there will be a path to follow on the left side.


This will take us to an open area. We are now on the second floor, but the bus terminal is located on the first floor.

Descend to the first floor by using the escalator on the left side (yellow arrow) or the elevator on the right side (red arrow). The elevator is especially convenient if you have heavy luggage to carry.


When you arrive on the first floor you will be at the bus terminal.

Buses heading for Shinjuku leave from bus stop number three. Buses going to Shibuya depart from bus stop number four, and stop number five is for buses going to Asakusa.

Let's wait in line at the bus stop, or use the waiting lounge.
If you don't know which bus stop to wait at or feel lost, please ask one of the airport staff members.


Don't worry if you forgot to buy your bus ticket at the arrival lobby! There's a ticket vending machine in front of the elevator at the bus terminal.

Saving on Tickets

It's possible to buy a discount pass depending on your destination.

Let's use Shinjuku as an example. If you show your bus ticket to the attendant on duty when your limousine bus arrives at the west entrance of Shinjuku Station, you'll receive a complimentary Shinjuku WE Bus ticket.

Shinjuku WE Bus is a bus that follows a circular route. It stops at places in the business district near Shinjuku Station, parking areas, the station, and other connecting points.

Even if you have lots of luggage, taking the bus allows you to easily move around the Shinjuku Station area. You can get to the east entrance of Shinjuku Station, and Kabukicho, Shinjuku Gyoen.
For details, please take a look at the Airport Limousine official homepage.

For those visitors traveling to and from Haneda Airport and the Shibuya area, you can buy a return trip ticket for travel between Shibuya Station and Haneda Airport International Terminal.

The normal ticket price for adults is 2,060 yen, and for children 1,040 yen. However, with a return ticket, adults receive a 460 yen discount and children get a 240 yen discount.
For details please refer to the Airport Limousine official homepage.

3. Monorail - Ideal for Odaiba and Tokyo Disney Resort


Finally we'll introduce the monorail. People planning to visit Odaiba or Tokyo Disney Resort are recommended to use the monorail.

To get to Odaiba you'll need to make one transfer. To get to Tokyo Disney Resort you'll transfer twice, but this is still the quickest method of getting to both of these places.

How to Get to the Ticket Gates


First, exit from the second floor arrival lobby. Then when you see the information counter go to the left side, which is opposite from the train area on the right side.


Walk a little further and to your left side you'll see the ticket gates for the Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport International Terminal Station .

Please be careful not to get the monorail gates confused with those of the train.


Before passing through the ticket gates, first buy a ticket at the ticket machine.

Saving on Tickets

If you will use the monorail and the JR Yamanote Line and stop at stations serviced by the JR Yamanote Line (such as Tokyo Station, Shibuya Station, and Shinjuku Station), then we highly recommend the Monorail and Yamanote Line Discount Ticket.

Tickets are 500 yen each and can be used on the day of purchase. They are valid for Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays, and also on Tokyo Monorail select dates.

For more details please refer to the Tokyo Monorail official homepage.

In addition, there's also the Tokyo Monorail One Day Pass (Japanese) and the Tokyo Monorail and Odaiba Ticket (Japanese). Consider these tickets, too, if they fit into your travel plans.

Go from Haneda Airport to Tokyo!

Knowing in advance the different transportation options available from Haneda Airport will help you feel more at ease during a visit.

We hope you find the transportation method that suits you best and have a comfortable and enjoyable trip in Japan!

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