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5 Discount Tickets: Go From Haneda Airport To Tokyo And Save!

5 Discount Tickets: Go From Haneda Airport To Tokyo And Save!

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Written by Miho Moriya

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One concern our visitors to Japan have is the high cost of transportation! In today's article, we'd like to help alleviate this problem by introducing five discount tickets that offer savings on trains and subways when going from Haneda Airport to Tokyo.

Cost-Effective Tickets for Sightseeing in Tokyo

When traveling in Japan, you can't underestimate the cost of transportation.

In today's article, we'll introduce you to five discount tickets for travel between Haneda Airport and the main stations in the Tokyo area.

Each ticket has its own unique characteristics and features, so choose the one that best suits your travel plans.

1. Keikyu Haneda/Subway Common Pass: Perfect for Tokyo Morning Arrivals!

This is a pass that includes a one-way ticket on the Keikyu Line, from Haneda Airport's Domestic Terminal Station and International Terminal Station to Sengakuji Station, and also includes the use of all subway lines on the Toei Subway and Tokyo Metro Subway Systems.

On the day your ticket is valid for, you can get on and off all lines on the Tokyo Subway system. This will allow you to get to Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Nakano, not to mention the popular sightseeing areas of Asakusa, Ueno, and Akihabara.

Our Recommended Sightseeing Plan Using This Pass


Next we'll introduce a possible one day sightseeing plan using this pass. For accommodation we recommend Hostel IRORI. Inside the hostel there's an irori, a traditional sunken fireplace, that was often seen in Japanese homes in olden times.

First we hop on the train at the International Terminal Station at Haneda Airport, then get off at Bakuro Yokoyama Station (570 yen), before walking three minutes.

Next, from Higashi Nihombashi Station (Toei Asakusa Line), just three minutes on foot from IRORI, we'll head for Asakusa Station. After paying a visit to Sensoji, we'll go to Ueno Station (170 yen) and browse around a shotengai called Ame-yoko.

From Ueno Station you can go to Akihabara Station, where you'll enjoy shopping for games and anime (animation) goods. From there we'll go to Oshiage Station (280 yen) where you can get a stunning sunset view of Tokyo from Tokyo SKYTREE.

On your return back to IRORI from Oshiage Station, once again you get off the train at Higashi Nihombashi Station (180).

So if you decide to try out the above mentioned sightseeing plan using regular tickets, your total transportation fees will add up to 1550 yen. However, using the convenient pass will cost just 1310 yen. This is a savings of 240 yen.

Ticket Prices and Ticket Purchase Locations

京急 券売機

Photo courtesy of: Keihin Electric Express Railway Co., Ltd

Sales Locations: From Keikyu Line ticket machines at Keikyu Line/Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station, Haneda Airport International Terminal Station, and at seventeen airports throughout the country.
Valid period: Valid for one day on the day the ticket was purchased.
Prices: Adults 1310 yen, Children 660 yen. Tickets come in two per pack. *Please note: Between the station where the ticket purchase was made and Sengakuji Station, passengers are not allowed to disembark from the train.
Official Homepage: Keikyu Haneda / Subway Common Pass

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