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Tsukiji Market - Information About Its Relocation To Toyosu

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Said to be the number one fish market in the world, Tsukiji Market is a major Tokyo sightseeing destination. Learn more about the market and its impending move.

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Tsukiji, a Seafood “Department Store” With Stock From All Over Japan

Tsukiji tuna carving

Tsukiji Market is a wholesale market located in the Chuo ward of Tokyo. Fish caught all over Japan are brought here to be sold. In one year, the market handles over 450,000 tons in marine products alone! (Reference: 2017 Tsukiji Market) It is said to be one of the largest fish markets in the world.

Tsukiji Market is split into two areas: jonai, where professionals conduct business dealings, and jogai, where regular customers shop and enjoy the food. Consult our beginner’s guide to Tsukiji for more.

Because first-rate chefs make their purchases at Tsukiji, the market has delicious restaurants that can make even professionals swoon, shops specializing in food items other than seafood (bonito flakes, rice, etc.) and cooking implement stores, including knife dealers.

We’ve put together a guide detailing what you can do at Tsukiji Market, why and when it’s moving to Toyosu, and advice for when you’re sightseeing!

What Can You Do at Tsukiji Market?

Stroll Through the Market

Tsukiji Market

Jonai And Jogai: Find Your Way Around Tsukiji Fish Market Like A Pro

Of course, the thing to do at Tsukiji is take a stroll around the market. A plethora of seafood, the workers slicing apart massive tuna, professional chefs appraising delicious fish with a critical eye; Tsukiji is full of sights that you can only see here. You can explore jonai by yourself freely, but actual tours are prohibited, so be careful. In addition, you need to make prior reservations to be able to see the tuna auctions. Check out our How to See the Tuna Auctions at Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market article for more.

Eat As You Go

Tsukiji eggs

Masterfully Made Omelets at Yamachō in Tsukiji, source

We also recommend walking around and snacking at the various eateries. Tsukiji is teeming with restaurants serving up delicious items like sushi and rice bowls topped with fresh seafood, egg dishes, ramen and more. In the jogai area, these places are open throughout the day, and are packed with tourists enjoying their meals.

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