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[2024 Latest] Let's go to Nara, a city of history and culture, by Kintetsu Railway! Access guide from Osaka and Kyoto

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There are many attractive spots around Kintetsu Nara Station, such as Nara Park, famous for its deer, and Kofuku-ji Temple and Todai-ji Temple, where you can encounter beautiful Buddhist statues. It is about 40 minutes by train from Osaka Namba, and about 40 minutes from Kyoto. Here we will introduc...

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The closest station to Nara Park is Kintetsu Nara Station. To get to Nara, take the convenient Kintetsu Railway without having to transfer!

The nearest station to Todaiji Temple and Nara Park, famous for its deer, is Kintetsu Nara Station. Therefore, it is very convenient to travel from Osaka Namba or Kyoto by Kintetsu train.

You can get there in about 40 minutes without changing trains from Osaka Namba Station, which is close to popular tourist destinations in Minami and Shinsaibashi.

If you take the Kintetsu Limited Express from Kintetsu Kyoto Station, you can get there in about 40 minutes without changing trains. You will need to pay the limited express fare (520 yen), but you will be guaranteed a seat.

The Kintetsu Rail Pass, which allows unlimited travel on the Kintetsu Line, is a great deal! (Available for purchase by tourists from outside Japan)

Summary: A ticket that allows unlimited rides on Kintetsu trains, Nara Kotsu buses, and other buses within a designated area. The area where you can ride unlimitedly varies depending on the ticket you purchase.

Duration: You can choose from 1 day, 2 days, or 5 days (there is also a 5-day plus option which expands the designated area)

Only available to travelers to Japan with a short-term visa

The Kintetsu Rail Pass also comes with discount tickets for tourist facilities in the Kintetsu area, making it a great deal. A one-day or two-day ticket gives you discounts at about 40 facilities, and a five-day ticket gives you discounts at about 70 facilities. Click here for details on the facilities where you can receive discounts.

Buy a Kintetsu Rail Pass! (For tourists outside Japan only)

Enjoy a relaxing train journey on the sightseeing limited express "Aoniyoshi" connecting Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto!

This train will start operating in 2022 and will connect Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto without transfers. The number of seats has been reduced to about one-third of that of existing express trains, providing a spacious travel space. Dedicated attendants will be selling snacks and drinks at the counter, and passengers can purchase snacks, beer, juice, and other items that are only available on board.

For details on the sightseeing limited express "Aoniyoshi" please click here

All seats on the sightseeing limited express "Aoniyoshi" are reserved and express ticket reservations are required.

Reservations can be made one month prior to the date of travel (the same day of the previous month), starting from 10:30.

To reserve and purchase express tickets, please use the website below or visit the ticket counters at stations along the Kintetsu line.

Purchase a Kintetsu Limited Express ticket!

Recommended spots around Kintetsu Nara Station


Even if you've been to Osaka or Kyoto many times, why not take a little trip a little further and visit Nara?

Nara is attractive for its many historical buildings and cultural ruins, and for its beautiful harmony with nature. The area around the popular Kintetsu Nara Station, where Todaiji Temple and Nara Park are located, is so packed with sights that a one-day stay is not enough.

Discover the charm of Nara at your own pace.

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