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TRAINIART TOKYO - Find Great Train Souvenirs At Tokyo Station Gransta

TRAINIART TOKYO - Find Great Train Souvenirs At Tokyo Station Gransta

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by Miho Moriya

Tokyo Station 2017.06.13 Bookmark

TRAINIART TOKYO, which handles Japanese train-related items, has opened a new shop at Gransta, a shopping mall inside Tokyo Station where you can shop inside the ticket gates.

A Souvenir Shop Inside the Ticket Gates


TRAINIART TOKYO started under the concept of having fun with trains, and handles train-related items. After opening shops at Atre Akihabara 1 and Tokyo Station Gallery, a third shop opened at Gransta in Tokyo Station.

Visitors can browse the shop, which is located inside the ticket gates, and look for charming train-related items. This article is about some of the unique items related to Tokyo Station available at this shop.

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A Transparent File Holder and iPhone Cover featuring the Suica Penguin


JR East issues Suica, an IC card. This shop handles items such as a transparent file holder (248 yen with tax), iPhone case (2570 yen with tax) and the IC card case (1728 yen with tax) that holds two cards, all featuring the mascot of the IC card, the Suica Penguin. This adorable penguin has become a popular character in Japan.
© Chiharu Sakazaki/JR East/DENTSU

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