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Hello. Your travel guide and regional future project. Do you know the place to see Mt. Fuji and Tokyo at the same time? Do you know that there is a glamping facility where you can enjoy such a spectacular view? Today, we would like to introduce you to THE GLAMPING Hakone Jukkoku Pass, a glamping f...

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The goal is truly spectacular glamping

The journey begins at Atami Station.
Atami Station has the JR Tokaido Line and Tokaido Shinkansen, and it takes less than an hour away from Tokyo by Shinkansen.
Needless to say, Atami is also known as a hot spring area, and in recent years it has become popular not only with Japanese people but also with tourists from other countries.

With such a lively atmosphere, we boarded a route bus from Atami Station and headed for today's destination , ``THE GLAMPING Hakone Jukkoku Pass'', a glamping facility in the sky .

A route bus that travels along a mountain road while gaining altitude. We arrived at Mori no Eki Hakone Jukkoku Pass (formerly Jukkoku Pass Rest House).

This is a rest facility located between Izu area and Hakone.
It is located on the way to Izu Skyline, which is said to be a shortcut road from Hakone to Izu. 
You can enjoy local souvenirs and original snacks.

THE GLAMPING Hakone Jukkoku Pass official website is here

Cable car will take you to Heaven

The Jukkoku Pass Cable Car departs from a corner of Mori-no-Eki.
From here, board the cute retro cable car.

This glamping facility is actually located in a place where you can take a cable car . The 3 minutes of riding time is exactly the countdown to Heaven "Tengoku".

And what arrived is PANORAMA TERRACE1059 (Tengoku).
This is an area where you can have a spectacular 360° view all to yourself with no obstructions. There is also a nice cafe on site.

The origin of the name Jukkoku Pass"10 countries pass" comes from where you can see actual 10 countries , and here there are literally motifs showing the 10 countries that can be seen from the pass. (But it's an old country name of Japan...)

Jikkoku Pass is full of other activities

Glamping with a spectacular view in Tengoku|THE GLAMPING Hakone Jukkoku Pass

Now, a few minutes' walk down from PANORAMA TERRACE 1059 (Tengoku) will bring you to THE GLAMPING Hakone Jukkoku Pass .
It is a new facility that opened in April 2023 , and is literally located on Jukkoku Pass, so you can see not only Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay, but also all the way to Tokyo when the air is clear in winter. The view is exceptional !

Now, let me introduce you to the room you will be staying in.
There are four types of container house type rooms.
This time we stayed in a sky deck villa type room.
This is a room for 2 to 4 people and is approximately 33 square meters in size.
One double bed and one bunk bed are provided.

The kitchen and refrigerator are spacious enough for easy cooking. Water facilities such as toilets and baths are each independent type.
The shower installed in the bath is both a hand shower and a rain shower type. 

By the way, there is no TV or Wi-Fi. It is the perfect environment to relax and feel Tengoku while looking at the scenery .

Click here for details of each room

︎Heavenly barbecue full of local ingredients

The wooden deck in front of the room is perfect for barbecues. In the evening, it's time for dinner on the wooden deck.

The carefully selected ingredients include a variety of mountain and sea delicacies originating from the ``10 countries'' that can be seen from the Jukkoku Pass. Grilling on a special grill brings out the freshness of the vegetables and the juiciness of the meat.

There is also a bonfire space available.
Spending time relaxing with the flickering flame is a truly relaxing moment .
The wooden deck space is also equipped with a movable shade, so you don't have to worry about the weather even if the weather is bad.

Carefully selected local ingredients from “10 old Japanese countries” Click here for details

Check-in/Suite villa with sauna/Suite villa 14:00-17:00
・Sky deck villa with sauna ・Sky deck villa 15:00-17:00
Check-out until 11:00 the next day Parking: Parking is limited to one car per cottage.
Facilities: Air conditioner, BBQ terrace, kitchen facilities Amenities: Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, towels, bath towels, body towels, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, cotton & cotton swabs, slippers

Click here for room details

︎ Conclusion

What did you think? With easy access from Tokyo, this glamping facility is recommended if you want to spend an extraordinary experience nearby .
You can easily make a reservation from the official website, so be sure to check it out.
Would you like to spend a chill time with Heaven "Tengoku", a casual place where you can return to the real world?

[Reservation] Click here for THE GLAMPING Hakone Jukkoku Pass official website

Image provided by: Jukkoku toge Co., Ltd.

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