Experience Kannawa Onsen's chill atmosphere with 'mushiyu' baths, local eats, and pure relaxation. The perfect getaway to relax your mind and body!

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Kannawa Onsen is one of Beppu's eight hot springs. This place has long been popular as a hot spring resort, and there are many facilities where you can experience ``mushiyu'', which is said to be the origin of hot springs, as well as many wonderful spots to eat while walking! This time, we will intr...

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Kannawa Onsen, where the retro townscape and hot spring culture remain

Among the Beppu hot springs in Oita Prefecture, Kannawa Onsen has the largest number of hot springs. Steam rises from everywhere in the city, and the charming retro townscape, which was popular as a hot spring resort, is also attractive. It is one of Japan's leading hot spring resorts and has been selected as a `` National Recreation Hot Spring Area '' due to its characteristics as a hot spring resort and the quality of its spring water. (The quality of the springs varies depending on the location, such as chloride springs, acid springs, sulfate springs, etc.)

At Kannawa Onsen, which is representative of Beppu, what you should enjoy is touring the hot springs such as ``Mushiyu'' and eating while walking around. Enjoy the wonderful hot springs and gourmet food while feeling the hot spring culture of Beppu!

1. [Hot spring] “Kannawa Mushiyu” will soothe you with the scent of herbs and warm you from the core of your body.

The history of ``mushiyu'' dates back to the Kamakura period. It is similar to a steam sauna that uses steam from a hot spring, but at Kannawa Onsen, the mainstream style is to lie down on a bed of herbs called iris and be steamed by the steam from the hot spring. Kannawa Mushiyu is a place where you can experience a traditional style of Mushiyu.

After paying the fee at the reception desk, you can get naked in the changing room and wash yourself off in the bathroom next door. After that, change into a yukata and head to the steam bath. When you open the door to the hot spring bath, the hot air from the hot springs and the refreshing scent of irises fill the air. When I went inside and lay down, I was sweating so much that even I was surprised.

The standard time for soaking in a steam bath is 8 to 10 minutes. If you get tired midway through, just knock on the door and the staff will open it for you. Afterwards, take a leisurely soak in the hot springs. After getting out of the steam bath, I felt very refreshed with the refreshing scent of iris and felt as if my body had become lighter. Kannawa Mushiyu is open from 7:30 a.m., so we recommend taking advantage of the early morning Mushiyu when there are fewer people.

2. [Hot spring] 100% natural hot spring water! ``Hyotan Onsen'' is a place you can enjoy all day long.

A recommended hot spring for a day trip is Hyotan Onsen . There are many types of hot springs, including 14 types of family baths that can be enjoyed privately, and various types of baths in the large public bath area (11 women's baths, 8 men's baths). There is also a ``sunayu'' that warms you from the core, a restaurant where you can enjoy Beppu's specialties, and a shop where you can enjoy refreshing Kabosu drinks, making it a facility where you can enjoy the whole day.

Another attractive feature of the family bath is that you can enjoy it from the moment you enter the hot spring. The family bath called ``Sennin'' is especially popular, and if you insert the coin provided into the machine, the hot spring water will flow out like a waterfall. Family baths are often fully booked, so we recommend contacting the facility in advance.

The spacious public bath is quite spacious, and there are hot springs of various materials and shapes, such as cascading baths, cypress baths, and open-air baths, making it exciting. It's interesting how the feeling of entering a hot spring changes depending on the material and environment!

After enjoying the hot springs to your heart's content, enjoy the famous kabosu juice, Beppu cold noodles, and hot spring eggs.

3. [Walking around town] Yanagiya's fluffy chiffon cake

When you come to Beppu, you must try the chiffon cake from SALLY GARDEN. SALLY GARDEN is a chiffon cake and baked goods shop that opened in Oita in 2009. Here in Kannawa, you can enjoy SALLY GARDEN's chiffon cakes and baked goods along with delicious coffee at the cafe ``Alte Neue'' run by `` Yanagiya '', one of the popular inns.

Chiffon cakes come in flavors such as ``plain,'' ``cocoa,'' ``banana,'' and ``black tea Earl Grey,'' as well as seasonal flavors such as ``lemon'' and ``yuzu.'' Not only can you eat in, but you can also take out, so it might be a good idea to enjoy it at your inn.

The moment you take a bite of the chiffon cake, the gentle egg flavor and delicate, moist texture will fill your mouth, making you feel happy. With its natural sweetness, I devoured it completely. It goes perfectly with coffee, which has an exquisite acidity and richness. The cafe has a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy a relaxing time by reading your favorite book or reflecting on your trip with friends.

4. [Walking around town] If you're thirsty, try some fresh juice at "Kannawa Rokkaku Store"

The stylish Kannawa Rokkaku Store sells fresh vegetables and fruit from within the prefecture, making you wonder, ``Is this really a greengrocer?'' Seasonal fruits and vegetables are lined up in front of the store, and you will be captivated by the beauty of their colors.

At Kannawa Rokkaku Store, menus that use luxurious fresh fruits and vegetables, such as ``greengrocer's fresh juice'' and ``daily soup,'' are popular. This time, we ordered the seasonal "Strawberry Milk Juice" (700 yen) (other juices made with kiwi and banana are also popular). The rich sweetness and sourness of the strawberries are mellowly wrapped in milk for a truly luxurious taste.

Vegetables for Jigokumushi (a dish unique to Beppu in which vegetables and meat are steamed using hot spring steam. There are many inns where you can enjoy Jigokumushi) are also popular. Each vegetable is divided into small portions, so you can choose a small amount of what you like.

5. [Walking around town] Enjoy the handmade pork buns from Kannawa Butaman Honpo!

If you're feeling peckish, head to Kannawa Butaman Honpo, where you can enjoy homemade pork buns. Founded by local housewives with the desire to create a new specialty of Kannawa, this shop's pork buns are made with handmade skins and fillings. Due to its deliciousness, word of mouth has spread, and it has become a popular spot visited by celebrities.

The pork buns are made using "hell steaming" using hot spring steam, and are filled with juicy bean paste inside a soft and chewy skin. The slightly spicy seasoning is also addictive.

Access information

If you are flying from Tokyo

It takes about 2 hours from Haneda Airport (JAL, ANA, Solaseed Air) and Narita Airport (Jetstar) to Oita Airport. From there, take the Oita Airport Access Bus to Beppu Station in about 50 minutes.

If you go by Shinkansen from Tokyo

Take the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Kokura Station (4 hours 45 minutes). From there, you can take a limited express train to Beppu Station in about 1 hour and 25 minutes.

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