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Saiku Gastronomy Private Tour

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《Learn about the food culture of Saiku with commentary from a guide》 Saiku Gastronomy Private Tour 《Special Dinner Included》 Here in Saiku, there was once a princess named ``Saio'' who served Ise Grand Shrine. During the Heian period, Saio lived in an elegant and pure manner, just like the aristocr...

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About 8 and a half hours From 20,000 yen per person (guide fee, museum admission fee, Japanese sweets making experience, dinner)

directions_car_filled Car
directions_walk On foot
Kintetsu Saiku Station Historical Park Exit Rest Area

The tour starts from Kintetsu Saiku Station.

First, we will walk around the historical sites of Saiku. Pass through a 1/10th model of the former Saiku shrine and the ancient Ise road from the Nara period, and receive basic information about Saiku through the guide's commentary.

Learn more about Saiku at the Saiku History Museum

Learn about Saiku in an easy-to-understand and fun way with the curator's explanations. The food culture exhibits are especially worth seeing.

Travel on foot or by electric car

Tea party in a field inside a historic site

What grows inside historic sites? It is a tea party in the field while feeling the land of Saiku.

After visiting Take Shrine, make Japanese sweets

We will make Japanese sweets using Saiku Ema, which is connected to Take Shrine.

Finally, Saiku Gastronomy Dinner

This is a special dinner that luxuriously incorporates the meals eaten by Saio to modern ingredients.


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The entrance to Oise-san, Meiwa-cho. Meiwa Town is a town where the Miyako ``Saikyu'', where the princess of the imperial family, ``Saio'', who served Amaterasu Omikami at Ise Grand Shrine in place of the Emperor, once lived, remains as a historical site.

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