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Where is Hell Amusement Park?

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Did you know that the word "hell" also has another meaning in Japanese? I won't give you the answer right away, but read my article and try to guess.

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Like hell

Look at this statue. A terrifying monster, all red, with horns on its head and fangs in its mouth, stands over a large pot, holding a mallet in one hand and an oversized rice scoop in the other. Hot steam is still rising from beneath the rock.

Look at this mud puddle. Bubbles will appear from time to time and the temperature should be quite high.

The water in this faucet seems to be 80 degrees, but is it meant for human consumption?

What do you think the red stuff on this ice cream is? Apparently it's chili powder!

It's really like hell, so hot, so painful, so scary!

It's like an amusement park

But everyone seems to be having fun here, and even the kids are sitting in the steaming crates. Eating deliciously.

This pond is not very scary, in fact, it can be said to be very beautiful. The blue water, red fence and green plants complement each other.

There are many delicious foods such as hot spring eggs, warm steamed buns, and original "soy sauce pudding". . .

This place is more like an amusement park, a "hell" amusement park.

Hell Amusement Park - Hell Tour in Beppu

This is ``Kamado Jigoku'', an ornamental hot spring tourist attraction in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, Kyushu. The hot steam coming out from everywhere is hot spring steam.

Have you guessed it yet? What else does the word hell mean in Japan?

that's right! It means hot spring. In ancient times, hot steam would rise from underground, sometimes appearing red or blue, but the knowledge of the time could not explain it, and people called this hot spring phenomenon ``hell.''

When you come to Beppu, be sure to stop by Jigoku.

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