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Special pudding

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In Japan, there is a word called ``obsession.'' This means being persistent, not compromising, and not making concessions. This is a word that you often see in articles about food. We are particular about both raw materials and manufacturing methods. What I would like to introduce today is a puddin...

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Let's make the best pudding!

Pudding making started with a dream of ``Let's make the best pudding!''

It was completed after five years of continuous pursuit of beauty, with no compromises in cooking methods, careful selection of ingredients, or taste.

Our puddings are constantly evolving and we strive to be of the highest quality.


This is a product prepared using a unique manufacturing method that focuses on using the best ingredients for pudding.

It is steamed with steam rising from hot springs and aged overnight. The high-quality taste that changes with the aging period is a taste like no other.

Enjoy with homemade espresso sauce.

Aya pudding (colorful)

A colorful pudding that is a hard type pudding that is served with seasonal syrup.

There are several types of 100% natural sauces made by squeezing fruit juice and filtering it many times.

It's made with seasonal fruits, so please enjoy the sauce from time to time.

Cafe Onsenkaku

Where can I eat this exquisite pudding?

It's located at a coffee shop called Cafe Onsenkaku.

It is located in the Kannawa area of ​​the hot spring town of Beppu, adjacent to the hot spring ryokan Onjuku Onsenkaku.
You have arrived when you can see the ``Onsenkaku'' noren at the entrance.

Please enjoy our special pudding. Italian soda, ice cream and coffee are also available, so of course we're particular about it.

There are also cute characters!

Walking around Kannawa

Cafe Onsenkaku is located in Kannawa, an area rich in hot spring resources.

This area is dotted with many hot spring inns, hot spring facilities, and restaurants.

If you enter the back alley from the main road called Kyushu Odan Road, you will find a variety of shops.

You can see hot spring steam coming out from underground, enjoy a free footbath, and eat the unique Jigokumushi (Jigokumushi) cooked with hot spring steam.

For more information, see Onjuku Onsenkaku, a recommended tourist spot.

If you are particular about the quality of your trip to Japan, you probably understand what "commitment" means.

Find more and more during your trip to make your trip even more exciting.

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