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Recommended spots in Oita Prefecture introduced by a guide interpreter Vol.1

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Hello everyone. My name is Jo Bunsei. Originally from China, I have lived in Japan for over 20 years. My work includes Chinese-Japanese interpretation, translation, tour guide, and custom tour planning. This time we will introduce some highly recommended places to visit in Oita Prefecture.

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Recommended izakaya

Izakaya “Kami Balloon” in Oita City

Extensive menu

This long-established izakaya, founded in the Showa era, has an extensive menu with over 180 dishes, including daily specials.

Regardless of age or gender, everyone will be able to find something they like, so you won't have to worry about where to eat due to disagreements.

Rich local sake

We also have a wide selection of local sake, shochu, and other alcoholic beverages, so why not ask us about which alcoholic beverages go best with the seasonal ingredients?

Fun local atmosphere

In addition, with the Showa-style interior that has been passed down for decades, the chefs cooking quickly in the spacious open kitchen, and the cheerful conversations among customers, you can quickly blend into the local fun atmosphere. .

Because it is cheap and delicious, there are many customers, so it is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

Click here to access Kami Balloon

Recommended hot spring inns

"Ryokan Yamashiroya" in Yunohira Onsen, Yufuin-cho, Yufu City

private hot spring

What do you expect when you go to a hot spring inn?

If it were me, the first choice would be a hot spring. There are a total of four hot springs here, all of which are reserved for private use. You can also check the availability of the hot springs in your room. You can take a bath at any time if it is vacant, so you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of a private space.

Original dish - miso dengaku

The second dish uses Oita Wagyu beef and fresh local seafood, and the miso dengaku that has been passed down for decades is especially popular. When you hear the sounds of people having fun cooking, you can see the food come to life.

Reassuring care

Also, what you can enjoy here is the care of the owners, which makes you feel very safe. It's a relaxing feeling, like coming to an old friend's house.

Click here for access to Ryokan Yamashiroya

Recommended kimono experience

“Rental Kimono Warakuan” in Kitsuki City

Many patterns, colors, and sizes available

Actually, there are many places where you can try kimono, but if I were you, I would choose this place. First of all, we have about 350 kimonos in different patterns, colors, and sizes, so even groups can be accommodated quickly.

Great benefits

In addition, there is a special benefit that allows you to enter paid facilities in the castle town (for example, museums and samurai residences) for free. These include Kitsuki Castle, Ohara Residence, Isoya Residence, Kitsuki Castle Town Museum, and more.

A castle town that best suits kimonos

In particular, if you take photos on a steep cobblestone road with high terrain on both sides and low terrain in the middle, the people and landscape will complement each other, making it easier to take beautiful photos.

Feeling like I have it all to myself

Actually, the main reason I recommend this place is that there aren't many tourists. You'll feel like you've rented out the entire town and have the beautiful scenery all to yourself. You can really enjoy traditional Japanese scenery slowly.

Click here to access Rental Kimono Warakuan

Thank you everyone for reading. We would like to continue to introduce more fun, delicious, and beautiful Japan to you, so we look forward to your continued support.

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