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[Ureshino Yadoya] 1 and a half hours from Hakata Station! Enjoy Ureshino tea and hot springs at a new hot spring inn opening in October 2023!

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Ureshino Onsen in Saga Prefecture is about an hour and a half from Hakata Station and Fukuoka Airport. Ureshino Yadoya, a hot spring inn where you can enjoy Ureshino tea and Ureshino hot springs, will open in October 2023! We will soothe your mind and body with 100% hot spring Ureshino hot springs i...

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Access to Ureshino Yadoya

[If using the train]

From JR Hakata Station, transfer to the Shinkansen at Takeo Onsen and then drive from Ureshino Onsen Station, which is one stop away, about 7 minutes by car.

Ureshino Onsen Station on the Nishi-Kyushu Shinkansen opened in 2022.

You can conveniently take the limited express train from Hakata Station and transfer to the Shinkansen at the same platform at Takeo Onsen Station. It takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Hakata Station to arrive at Ureshino Onsen Station.

There is a free shuttle service for Ureshino Yadoya from JR Ureshino Onsen Station, so please feel free to use it. (Advance reservation required (until the day before): Ureshino Onsen Station → Ureshino Yadoya A. Departs at 14:30 B. Departs at 15:20 C. Departs at 16:20)

JR Kyushu time/fare search

[If using a car]

From the Fukuoka area such as Hakata Station and Fukuoka Airport, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes via the expressway.

Approximately 30 minutes from Nagasaki Airport.

In either case, get off the expressway at Ureshino Interchange, and it's about a 5-minute drive from there to Ureshino Yadoya!

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[If using express bus]

If you take the express bus "Kyushu" that runs from Hakata Station or Fukuoka Airport International Terminal, you will arrive at Ureshino Onsen in about 2 hours.

Although the frequency is slightly less, there are also buses that get off at Ureshino Bus Center, and it is a good location, about 3 minutes walk from Ureshino Bus Center to Ureshino Yadoya.

Even if you are taking a bus that does not stop at the Ureshino Bus Center but stops at the Ureshino Interchange, please let us know in advance and we will pick you up free of charge, so please take advantage of this!

Fukuoka-Nagasaki line high-speed route bus "Kyushu"

Eight charms of Ureshino Yadoya

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1. All-inclusive

All-inclusive plans are available for guests staying at the villa.

Ureshino Yadoya's all-inclusive offers include a welcome sparkling wine, fruit platter and sweets, drinks in the refrigerator in your room, drinks at dinner, cocktails made with tea at the bar, and a tea ceremony where you can enjoy Ureshino tea slowly. You can enjoy it at no additional charge.

In addition to a semi-open-air bath with 100% natural hot spring water, the highest-grade villa Luxury Suite rooms also have a private sauna and cold bath where you can enjoy a tea-aromatic self-lowering bath, focusing on Ureshino tea and hot springs. You can enjoy various things. Our guests often say, "One night is not enough time!"

2. 100% natural hot springs

Ureshino Onsen is one of Japan's three major hot springs for beautiful skin, and is characterized by its colorless, transparent and smooth texture.

It is said that the sodium bicarbonate spring, which contains a lot of sodium, emulsifies and washes away skin and secretions, leaving your skin as smooth and smooth as if it had just been peeled off.

All 36 rooms at Ureshino Yadoya are equipped with 100% free-flowing hot springs, which you can enjoy as much as you like 24 hours a day. In addition to your room, you can also enjoy 100% natural hot springs from the source in the open air and sauna on the first floor of the main building.

3. Tea ceremony by a dedicated tea master

Ureshino tea has a history of hundreds of years and a deep flavor that has been passed down through generations.

At Ureshino Yadoya, we welcome active Ureshino tea farmers, Mr. Shuichi Kitano, 3rd generation owner of ``Kitano Tea Farm'', and Mr. Hiroshi Tanaka, 3rd generation owner of ``Tanaka Seicha Factory'', as our exclusive tea masters, and we are holding a tea ceremony.

The tea master himself will teach you about the culture and history of tea, how to brew and taste tea, how to choose sweets, and more, allowing you to experience the beauty of tea right in front of your eyes.

Business hours: 15:00-18:00 (Starts at 30 minutes, last reception at 17:30)

3,300 yen (tax included) per person (free for all-inclusive plan customers)

Maximum capacity is 6 people at a time. May be handled by someone other than the exclusive tea master.

4. Meals using abundant ingredients within 88 km of Ureshino

The head chef spends a year personally visiting producers and carefully selecting seafood and mountain produce. Please enjoy to your heart's content our many signature dishes made with carefully selected ingredients.


[Prifix Kaiseki]

Dinner will be served prix fixe. Guests can choose from 3 to 5 types of kaiseki dishes, including the main dish, to suit their tastes.

[Charcoal grill counter kaiseki]

You can order your favorite dishes from seasonal ingredients that change daily to suit your mood. Enjoy your meal while having a conversation with the chef while feeling like the food is being prepared right in front of your eyes.

*Charcoal grill counter kaiseki is a plan limited to guests staying in luxury suite rooms.


We offer set menus that are perfect for waking up in the morning, including Ureshino Yadoya original hot spring tofu made with 100% Saga Prefecture soybeans and Fukuyutaka, as well as fresh, locally grown vegetable salad.

You can choose from Japanese or Western food.

5. A shop with tea, sweets, and miscellaneous goods from within 88 km of Ureshino

There are many items such as Ureshino tea that can be enjoyed at tea ceremonies and throughout the hotel, sweets and miscellaneous goods made with ingredients and ingredients from Ureshino within 88 km, amenities such as room lotions, and original products that can only be purchased at Ureshino Yadoya. We have a variety of items available.

6. A bar where you can enjoy cocktails made with tea

A bar where you can enjoy tea and tea cocktails while gazing at the water garden.

The space uses building materials and fittings that were once used in the Omura clan's villa that once stood on this land, creating a profound atmosphere.

7. Children are also welcome! kids room

At Ureshino Yadoya, we have prepared a kids' room on the first floor of the main building so that children can enjoy their stay while enjoying tea. The name is Ochanoko Saisai, a children's tea room.

In addition to the kids' room where they can play with picture books, toys, and colorful hanging chairs, there is also a space where children can casually enjoy tea.

In addition to picture books for children, we also have books for parents. Please spend time together with your family.

8. Dry sauna with a faint tea scent and Roryu sauna with tea aroma

Each men's and women's bathhouse is equipped with a tea aroma auto-roryu sauna and a tea incense burner dry sauna.

After soaking in the skin-beautifying waters of Ureshino Onsen, refresh yourself in the sauna filled with the scent of tea, or bathe in the fresh air with a pleasant breeze.

When staying at our hotel, why not treat your mind and body not only in the hot springs in your room, but also in the open-air baths and saunas that give you a sense of freedom?

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Ureshino Yadoya aims to be a hot spring inn where you can harmonize your mind and body with tea and hot springs. Ureshino tea is Ureshino's greatest specialty. You can fully experience the charm of Ureshino tea by watching the tea that the tea farmers make themselves every day. And Ureshino Onsen, one of Japan's three major hot springs for beautiful skin. All 36 rooms are equipped with ``100% natural hot spring water''. The large public bath has a tea-aroma louryu sauna, where you can tone your body to your heart's content. We will offer a variety of plans as a hot spring inn that fully utilizes the local values ​​of Saga, such as its food, crafts, and climate, with Ureshino at its core.

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