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It feels like staying with a monster. AR monster appears at “The NIPPONIA Harima Fukusaki Library Maison”

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At The NIPPONIA Harima Fukusaki Library Maison (Fukusaki Town), a service using AR has been launched as a new experience for guests.

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``The NIPPONIA Harima Fukusaki Library Maison'' is a hotel built by renovating the Mikiya Residence, an important tangible cultural property designated by Hyogo Prefecture, and the former Tsujikawa Post Office, a nationally registered tangible cultural property. ``Miki Family Residence'' was founded by Kunio Yanagida, a folklorist from Fukusaki Town, who spent his childhood reading a large amount of books. It is also the place where he wrote the book, 1970).
In this AR, you can enjoy watching the monsters that appear in Kunio Yanagida's books and are a popular tourist content in Fukusaki Town move with the theme of ``How this room was used at the time.'' For example, in the ``annex'' where Kunio Yanagita is said to have indulged in reading the books kept on the second floor, a reading monster appears. In addition to the ``annex,'' ``Mikiya Residence'' has a total of five rooms named ``Aneya,'' ``Uchikura,'' ``Kakukura,'' and ``Ukura,'' and there is also a building in the ``Former Tsujikawa Post Office'' area. There are two rooms, ``〒201'' and ``〒202.''

AR is a system in which a monster appears when you read a special coded card placed in your room with your smartphone. You can also take photos together and share them by posting them on SNS. There are three types of monsters in total, including tengu (pictured), and they are scheduled to be replaced every four months. Look forward to seeing what other monsters besides tengu will appear during your stay.

*You will need an Instagram or Facebook app to read the code.
*Cannot be used with the internal camera (selfie).
*Please return the coded card to the hotel when you check out.

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