A complete guide to grapes in the fruit kingdom of Okayama - from varieties to Grape Picking experiences, sweets, and souvenirs!

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We will introduce everything from the secret behind their deliciousness, the wide variety of varieties, tourist farms within the prefecture where you can enjoy harvesting experiences, and popular souvenirs made with grapes.

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Why Okayama grapes are so delicious

High-quality grapes born from a favorable climate and the love of the growers

Reason 1 for deliciousness: The warm climate of the Seto Inland Sea "The warm climate with little rain is ideal for grape cultivation!" Okayama Prefecture is blessed with the warm climate of the Seto Inland Sea and many sunny days, making it an ideal place for grape cultivation. The highlands in the northern part of the prefecture have a large difference in temperature between day and night, which allows sweet, high-quality grapes to be grown. Various types of grapes can be enjoyed as seasonal delicacies throughout the prefecture.

Reason 2 why it's delicious: The history of grape cultivation
"Japan's first successful cultivation of Muscat of Alexandria" Grape cultivation began in Japan about 130 years ago. However, at first, cultivation was difficult as the grapes could not adapt to the climate and soil. However, in 1886 (Meiji 19), greenhouse cultivation was invented in Okayama Prefecture, and the first successful cultivation of Muscat of Alexandria in Japan was achieved. Since then, various varieties of grapes have been cultivated through the pursuit of greenhouse cultivation techniques and the skills and efforts inherited from predecessors.

Reason 3 for deliciousness: Advanced cultivation techniques
"Cultivation methods have been devised so that fresh grapes can be enjoyed for a long period of time" Producers have made technological advances in greenhouse cultivation, and by passing on their skills, high-quality grapes are being produced. In the southern part of the prefecture, greenhouse cultivation allows for early shipments from April to August, while in the northern part of the prefecture, outdoor cultivation (unheated) takes advantage of the temperature difference, allowing shipments to take place from September to December. Thanks to cultivation methods that take advantage of the characteristics of the region, fresh grapes can now be enjoyed in Okayama Prefecture for a long period of time, from April to December. In addition, careful work such as "thinning out the grapes" and "bagging" allows for the harvest of large, well-shaped grapes, making them popular as a high-end gift fruit.

Okayama Grape Varieties and Characteristics

Check out the characteristics of the many different types of grapes!

A wide variety of grapes are grown in Okayama Prefecture. From Muscat of Alexandria and Pione, which boast the highest production volume in Japan, to Seto Giants and Aurora Black, which originated in Okayama, the new variety Shine Muscat, and the rare winter grape Shien, there is a wide variety of textures and flavors. Find your favorite grape.

Muscat of Alexandria

No. 1 in national production!
One of the high-quality grapes that Okayama Prefecture is proud of. The beautiful emerald green fruit is wrapped in an elegant fragrance and fresh juice. It has been called the "Queen of Fruits" because Cleopatra loved to eat it, and it has fascinated many people since ancient times. It is recommended as a gift for a loved one or as a luxurious souvenir.
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No. 1 in national production!
The secret to its popularity is its large, sweet, juicy fruit. Seedless Pione grapes are now commonplace, but it was Okayama Prefecture that developed the seedless variety. The beautiful black fruit is easy to separate and eat, so it is popular with a wide range of people, from the elderly to children.
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Shine Muscat

A new variety born in 2006!
The appeal of these grapes is that they are large, seedless, and can be eaten with the skin on. The moment you bite into them, they pop with a crisp sound, and you can enjoy their chewy texture. This is a new variety of grape with a refreshing, subtle Muscat aroma.
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Seto Giants

Grapes originating from Okayama!
A popular variety with a crisp, popping texture followed by a refreshing sweet and sour taste that spreads in your mouth. It is seedless and can be eaten with the skin on. The large fruit has a distinctive peach-like curve. A grape born in Okayama that is a cross between "Guzarakara" and "Neo Muscat".
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Aurora Black

Grapes originating from Okayama!
This variety was born in Okayama and has large, satisfying fruits. It has a high sugar content and a deep sweetness that is appealing. It is attracting attention as a black grape variety that is third to Pione and Kyoho. It keeps well, so it is popular as a gift.
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A rare winter grape!
These grapes are a beautiful, elegant wine red. With one bite, the unique texture and juicy juice spreads throughout your mouth. They are seedless and the skin comes off easily, so they are popular for being easy for even small children to eat.
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A farm where you can Grape Picking

Kubo Farm (Okayama City)

Ishihara Orchard (Okayama City)

Mimasaka Farm

Buy grapes at a farm shop

Freshly picked grapes are available at farm shops attached to roadside stations and JA in Okayama Prefecture. You can buy grapes by the bunch, and they are priced more affordably than gift-giving, so if you come across a farm shop, be sure to stop by.

List of direct sales stores in Okayama Prefecture

Delicious ways to eat grapes

◎ If you want to savor the flavor to the very last bite, start from the tip. If you start with the lightest flavor and move on to the stronger, you will be able to enjoy the food to the very last bite. The same goes for grapes. The bunches ripen from the shoulders, so the tips have a lighter flavor. Be sure to start from the tip and enjoy the flavor to the very last bite.

◎ If you want to store them, wrap them in newspaper or paper. When storing grapes, wrap them in newspaper or paper and place them in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. If you store them in a place with minimal temperature change, they will stay delicious until the very last bite.

◎If you can't finish all the seedless grapes
Put any seedless grapes you can't finish in the freezer. If you put them out a little before eating them, they will have a crunchy, sorbet-like texture and the sweetness of the grapes will spread in your mouth, giving you a slightly different taste experience.

Grape-based sweets and souvenirs

Grape Parfait

Okayama Prefecture is the kingdom of fruit. Okayama City is known as the "city of fruit parfaits," and there are about 30 stores in the city where you can enjoy fruit parfaits made with fresh seasonal fruits such as muscat and pione grapes (varies depending on the season).

Canned Fruit

This exquisite delicacy is made by removing the skin and seeds from each Okayama Muscat grape by hand and soaking it in a refined syrup. It is a delicious dessert that captures the full flavor of the season. You can eat it as it is, or add it to yogurt or ice cream.

Fruit Jelly

The fresh fruits from Okayama are made into a gelee with a texture softer than jelly. The assortment of local specialties Muscat, Pione, and Shimizu white peach is a popular souvenir.

Fruit jelly

A luxurious jelly that allows you to enjoy seasonal fruits all year round. It is a proud product that captures the flavor of fruits such as Muscat, Pione, and white peach as they are. There is a wide variety of flavors and textures available.

Kibi Dango

A classic Okayama souvenir, this item is filled with fruit nectar, such as the local specialty Muscat grape. It is a chewy snack with the sweetness of the fruit blended into it. If you eat it chilled, you can enjoy a different taste.

Fruit vinegar

This vinegar drink is made from fresh fruit juice. It has a mild, sweet taste. You can enjoy it in a variety of ways, such as mixing it with ice or milk.


Okayama Prefecture is dotted with wineries of all sizes, producing delicious wines using local fruits. These exquisite wines, with their elegant aroma and flavor, are perfect souvenirs for wine lovers.

Local beer

This local beer (low-malt beer) is made using natural Muscat juice and fruit, and is characterized by its sweet and elegant aroma. It has a light taste with less bitterness, so it is recommended even for those who do not usually drink beer. How about buying some of this popular fruit beer as a souvenir?


A luxurious liqueur made with plenty of Muscat juice from Okayama. In addition to its noble aroma, its sweet and gentle taste is especially popular with women. It can be enjoyed chilled or on the rocks.

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Okayama Prefecture is located in the center of western Japan and is known as the ``Land of Sunny'' due to its mild climate with little rain throughout the year. Conveniently located in the middle of famous sightseeing spots in Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima! It is also the gateway to Shikoku via the Seto Ohashi Bridge. Okayama is also known as the "Fruit Kingdom," and the fruits that have been exposed to the sun in the warm climate of Setouchi are of the highest quality in terms of sweetness, aroma, and taste. You can enjoy seasonal fruits such as white peach, muscat, and pione! There are also world-class sightseeing spots such as ``Okayama Castle'', ``Okayama Korakuen'', one of Japan's three famous gardens, and Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, which are proud of their history, culture, and art!

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