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Special hot springs and the ocean approaching. A hotel where you can spend a relaxing time

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You can enjoy the open-air bath while enjoying the ocean view. The end of the bathtub is the coastline. As you look out at the horizon while soaking in the hot springs, you will feel as if the sea and the bathtub have become one, melting into the ocean. We also recommend spending some time relaxing ...

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Yunohama Hotel is a hotel facing the sea with a hot spring flowing directly from the source.

For about a century, it has been loved by everyone in Yunokawa, Hakodate.

Another thing that impresses guests who visit our hotel is the close proximity to the ocean. Taking advantage of the location, we have built a new open-air bath in the large public bath so that you can enjoy both the hot water and the ocean view, which we have been proud of since our opening. In the new open-air bath, the sea and bathtub are integrated, giving you the feeling of melting into the ocean.

We offer hot springs for a variety of situations, including open-air baths overlooking the Tsugaru Strait, large baths, and guest rooms with observation baths. In the open-air bath, you can see Hakodate's famous ``Irisabi Night View'' from summer to autumn. Enjoy the magnificent seascape of Hakodate while relaxing in the hot springs.

At the fishing port near Yunohama Hotel, fresh seafood such as squid, scallops, and whelks are landed every day. We look forward to serving you with dishes made with plenty of local ingredients and seasonal flavors that can only be found in Hokkaido.

Guest rooms with observation baths, large Japanese-style rooms, and Western-style rooms. We have a wide variety of rooms to suit a variety of purposes. From rooms facing the sea, you can enjoy the ocean that is right in front of you. Please spend your time relaxing while feeling the presence of the sea.

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Yunohama Hotel, founded in 1928, will celebrate its 97th anniversary in 2024. Located in a spectacular location facing the magnificent Tsugaru Strait, the open-air bath combines the sea and the bathtub, giving you the feeling of melting into the ocean. We offer a wide selection of meals made with seasonal local ingredients. In addition, the Japanese cuisine created by our head chef is one of Yunohama Hotel's prides. Please enjoy it with wine or sake from Hakodate.

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