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Enjoy the beauty of Japanese culture with obi art

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Genji-koh's special floor, the "Designer Room," features a different type of "Obi Art" on display in each room. We will introduce "Obi Art," which uses kimono obi belts as interior decor.

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What is Obi Art?

"Obi art" refers to beautifully tying kimono obi belts and displaying them as interior décor. Unfortunately, kimonos, the traditional Japanese costume, are becoming less and less popular with Western clothing. It would be a waste to throw away or let obi belts, which are the pinnacle of Japanese art and feature high-quality silk and the meticulous craftsmanship of artisans, lie dormant! In recent years, a culture of using obi belts as interior décor has been born.

What is Genji-koh Designer Floor?

Genji-koh, a hot spring inn in Minamichita, Aichi Prefecture, has a "designer floor" on the 7th floor. This stylish room incorporates plenty of Japanese culture, including obi art, curtains inspired by bamboo blinds, incense burners, and shoji screens. This time, I would like to focus on the obi art.

Obi Art Fan Shape

The obi is neatly folded and the ends are fastened with an obi-shime. The fan is said to be a lucky symbol that can see into the future, as it is said to have a wide shape at the end.

An arrangement of fan shapes

Obi Art Straight

The obi is simply displayed as is. At our museum, we leave it as is, but for obi art, flowers may be woven into the obi. We also sometimes cut out a part of the obi that we particularly like and display it in a frame.

Please enjoy the obi art.

What do you think? Each designer room has its own unique style, so it's exciting to wonder what obi art you'll find. Since you're in Japan, be sure to enjoy this part of Japanese culture.

Genjiko official website of Minamichita Genji-koh, Aichi Prefecture

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Through the deep and tranquil world of incense that reminds us of the hospitality and elegance of scent, Genji-koh is an inn that reminds you of the elegance of the era of The Tale of Genji. Our inn is Japan's first Japanese-style inn with a scent-themed theme. Awakening the forgotten peace of mind. You can feel the comfort of incense everywhere in your room and throughout the hotel.

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