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Aroma Distillation Help Week 2024spring ~in Nakajima, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture 2024/5/11SAT~17FRI~

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May 11th (Sat) - 17th (Fri) \\ Aroma Distillation Helper Week 2024 SPRING // Held! We are looking for people to help with the island and mandarin orange aroma distillation!!! This season, the scent of mandarin orange flowers fills the island. Why not try picking neroli flowers, one of the luxury aro...

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What is Aroma Distillation Help Week?

This community is located in Nakajima, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, and aims to revitalize the local area by combining art with the island's specialty, shima mikan oranges. We aim to create a community that can contribute to the sustainable development of the island, by creating an opportunity for people who are unfamiliar with Nakajima to learn about the island, and by helping people who have a connection to Nakajima to love it even more.

"Aroma Distillation Help Week" coincides with the island's mandarin orange harvest season and the blooming of mandarin orange flowers, and also marks the busy season for Kutsuna Aroma Distillery Shima to Mikan.
We are basically working with just two people, so we would really appreciate any help we could get. So, we are looking for help!!!
You will be responsible for harvesting aroma ingredients (tangerines and tangerine flowers), peeling tangerines, extracting essential oils, and cleaning up.

It's rare to have the opportunity to experience aromatic oil distillation. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested!
Those who help us will be provided with free activities so that they can enjoy their stay on the island to the fullest.

Future events are planned to coincide with the island's busy season.

March Helping Week

Here's how to help 😊👇

This year, we had a lot of people from both inside and outside the island participate in our first ever Helping Week.
When Nakajima reaches its peak in mandarin orange shipping, the distillery also reaches its peak.

Thanks to the kindness of the farmers, fresh, juicy citrus fruits are brought in one after another 🍊 There are so many that my mother and I can't handle them all!
So we asked for help and a total of 23 people came together.
Everyone seemed to enjoy helping out and it was a very meaningful event.
Thank you so much to everyone who participated!!!

Free activities here 😊👇

\\At Aroma Distillation Help Week 2024winter//, we offered various activities free of charge as a thank you for your help.

✅Farm sauna ✅Farm yoga ✅Remi®︎ harvesting experience ✅Aroma spray making

It was our first attempt at sauna and yoga in the island's tourist orange orchards, but thanks to Shimizu Orchard ( @yuyashimi ), who provided us with their wonderful farmland, we were able to complete the perfect activity.

The sauna overlooking the sea from a green farm offers a spectacular view that is different from the beach sauna.
Farm yoga, which is held on the same farmland, allows you to feel as if you are one with the earth while listening to the sound of the wind and the rustling of the trees.

We would love for everyone who participates in the Help Week to experience this for themselves!

Details of Aroma Distillation Help Week

May 11th (Sat) - May 17th (7 days)

Nakajima, Ehime Prefecture, "Kutsuna Aroma Distillery Island and Oranges"

From 13:00 to 17:00, you will be asked to help with the following:
・Picking neroli flowers ・Extracting essential oils ・Loading ingredients ・Cleaning up *On Friday 17th May, we will be preparing for the tent sauna event (Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th May) *In the morning, in addition to the free activities, you can spend your time fishing, cycling, working remotely, or whatever you like.

If you help us, we'll give you the following free perks:

① You can participate in any activity you like during your stay (reservation required)
・Farm sauna experience (9:00-12:00 Saturdays and Sundays only)
・Aroma spray making (9:00-9:30)
・Farm Yoga (10:00-10:30)
・Island sightseeing (11:30-13:00)
* Stop by a bread cafe or a supermarket for lunch (lunch fee not included)

②You can stay in a traditional Japanese share house for free during your stay (reservation required)

3) Receive a free return ferry ticket when you spend 1,000 yen or more on aroma products!

<What to bring>
Clothes and shoes suitable for farm work, gloves, hat, apron, towel, yoga wear, sandals, sauna wear (swimsuit, T-shirt, shorts, etc.)

<Information about paid accommodation>
We also recommend staying at a beach accommodation for a few nights!
Starry Terrace Himegahama
Sky and Island Otofuji Hermitage

how to apply

Please apply using the reservation form.

Reservation form Apply here


・Ports in Matsuyama City - Nakajima (Oura Port)
Nakajima can be accessed by ferry or high-speed boat from Mitsuhama Port, Takahama Port, and Tourist Port in Matsuyama City.
Please disembark at Oura Port.
Please check here for boat timetables and fares.
Ship timetable ~ Nakajima Kisen Co., Ltd. (
Ship fare table ~ Nakajima Kisen Co., Ltd. (

Oura Port ~ "Kutsuna Aroma Distillery Island and Oranges"
4 minutes walk from Matsuyama Kita High School Nakajima Branch, 1st floor

Official Link

■Meta Nakajima Community Official Website: TOP | Meta Nakajima Community Official Website (
■Official discord:
■Official Twitter:
■Opensea: nakajima-mikan-nft - Collection | OpenSea
■EC site: Meta Nakajima Community Online Shop (

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Nakajima, an isolated island belonging to Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, is blessed with beautiful beaches and other rich nature, and is also known for its mandarin orange cultivation. This project uses NFTs and the metaverse to provide an experience as a resident of Nakajima. This time, we will be distributing 🍊Meta Nakajima Resident Card NFTs🍊 to participants of local events and contributors to community activities. We will continue to provide opportunities that condense the charm of Nakajima, such as an aroma distillation experience using mandarin oranges harvested locally and a sauna loyly experience using distilled water that you have distilled yourself. Let's work together as residents of Meta Nakajima, beyond online and offline! Meta Nakajima Community: Official website:

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