Just 19 minutes from Nagoya! Directly connected to Toyohashi Station, Hotel Associa Toyohashi is a recommended hotel for both sightseeing and business!

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JR Toyohashi Station is located just 19 minutes away from Nagoya Station by Shinkansen. Hotel Associa Toyohashi, which is directly connected to Toyohashi Station, is a recommended hotel both as a base for sightseeing in the Tokai region and as a base for business use.

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Just 19 minutes from Nagoya Station! Access to Hotel Associa Toyohashi

Hotel Associa Toyohashi is directly connected to Toyohashi Station on the Tokaido Shinkansen. If you take the Shinkansen, you can arrive from JR Nagoya Station in as little as 19 minutes.

・If you are coming by train

After exiting the ticket gates at Toyohashi Station, walk towards the East Exit and you will see the hotel entrance on your right (2nd floor entrance). There is a Family Mart at the hotel entrance, so please use that as your landmark.

If you are coming by car

The hotel entrance is in front of the rotary at the east exit of Toyohashi Station, and there are three contracted parking lots (paid) near Toyohashi Station. Please see the hotel website for details.

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Various types of guest rooms that combine relaxation and functionality

Hotel Associa Toyohashi offers a wide variety of room types to meet the diverse needs of each guest.

Casual double (18㎡) Capacity: 1-2 people

This room is equipped with a 1,400mm wide bed that can accommodate both one person and two people. It offers a high-quality space that will soothe your tired body after a trip or business trip.

Japanese-Western style room (36㎡) Maximum capacity: 4 people

This is the second largest Japanese-Western room in our hotel. In addition to the two "Hollywood Twin" style beds with no gap between them, it is possible to lay two futons on the tatami mat, accommodating up to four people.

Suite room (78㎡) Capacity: 2 people

The staff's recommendation is the suite room on the top floor! You can spend a blissful time in the spacious living room and the bedroom with a calm atmosphere.

You can enjoy two different views: "Toyohashi cityscape" and "train arrivals and departures"

From the guest rooms of Hotel Associa Toyohashi, you can enjoy views of either Toyohashi city or the trains coming in and out.

The hotel is directly connected to the station and overlooks the city, giving you a unique feel of a regional city with trams. In addition, when the weather is nice, you can enjoy the view of the Southern Alps from the hotel.

On the other hand, from the rooms on the middle floors or higher on the opposite side, you can see many trains departing and arriving at the station. The moment when the Shinkansen passes through the station is particularly impressive, and is a recommended view that will make you forget the passage of time. While you can enjoy the view from your room, we also recommend using the recording function or time lapse on your smartphone to capture the movement of the trains.

You can enjoy various tourist attractions and local cuisine around the hotel.

Located in the eastern part of Aichi Prefecture, the Higashi Mikawa region is full of natural beauty, historical architecture, and other tourist attractions that are well-known to those in the know! In addition, there are many restaurants serving local gourmet food around the hotel. Hotel Associa Toyohashi, which is directly connected to Toyohashi Station, the gateway to Higashi Mikawa, is the perfect hotel to use as a base for your trip to fully enjoy these sights!

Furthermore, it is also recommended as a base for sightseeing in Nagoya, taking advantage of the quickest 19-minute Shinkansen access, and is the perfect place for those who want to "sightsee in the Nagoya area, but also want to ride the Shinkansen!" If you are traveling round trip between Nagoya city and Toyohashi area on the same day on weekends and holidays, there are discount tickets available that allow you to use the Shinkansen unreserved seats for only 2,360 yen, making it a convenient base for sightseeing in the Nagoya area!

*Information current as of April 2024. Please see the JR Central website for details.

Breakfast is also available at the restaurant, which serves local ingredients.

There are three restaurants in the hotel, and they can meet the various needs of their guests. The most important thing about Hotel Associa Toyohashi is "local production for local consumption." Toyohashi City is one of the most agriculturally active areas in the country, and the produce from this environment is worth a meal. You can enjoy the charm of Toyohashi through your taste buds!

Each restaurant prepares a special seasonal menu, so they are recommended even for those who are not staying at the hotel.

Breakfast is served in buffet style!

Perfect for business use

Hotel Associa Toyohashi is directly connected to Toyohashi Station, making it perfect for business travelers! There are drug stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and other facilities near the hotel, so you'll have no trouble finding food or shopping.

We also have coffee available at the front desk. Start your day off right with a refreshing morning at Hotel Associa Toyohashi!

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