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Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel is directly connected to Nagoya Station, making it extremely easy to access. This is the perfect hotel for those who want to make the most of their time. You can come to the hotel from Nagoya Station without getting wet even on rainy days.

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What kind of hotel is it?

It has excellent access with direct access from Nagoya Station. Travel from the station is smooth and it is an ideal location for both sightseeing and business.

See access from Nagoya Station

We look forward to welcoming you with spacious rooms and views from the higher floors.

Enjoy the view from the higher floors and the spacious rooms. Experience a higher level of comfort here.

The high-quality, warm interior design is based on natural colors, and the 2,800mm high ceiling creates an open space. The beds are fitted with soft pillows that envelop the body.

Moderate double (20.0㎡) Capacity: 2 people

Enjoy a comfortable stay in a spacious bed and a simple yet functional room.

Superior Twin Room (28.0㎡) Capacity: 2 people

The location overlooks Nagoya Station from the open windows. The superior size makes it ideal for leisure. The bathroom has a washing area.

The beds can be arranged as Hollywood twins (two beds joined together), so children can sleep comfortably in the same bed. This room is also ideal for families.

Deluxe Corner Twin (37㎡) Capacity: 3 people

The beds can also be arranged as Hollywood twins (two beds can be joined together), perfect for families.

An extra bed can also be added to accommodate up to three people.

The image above is with the extra bed added.

A rich menu with over 130 items! Enjoy Nagoya cuisine at breakfast!

The breakfast buffet offers a rich menu with over 130 items. A wide variety of Japanese and Western dishes are available. Nagoya cuisine is also available. Recommended dishes unique to Nagoya such as Hitsumabushi, fried shrimp, miso kushikatsu, and Ogura toast that can be arranged to your liking are available. Please enjoy fresh local cuisine made with local ingredients.

Fitness is available 24 hours a day

The fitness room, which can be accessed 24 hours a day with your room key, is equipped with running machines and exercise bikes.

What facilities are there nearby?

Nagoya is a city that continues to evolve. No matter how many times you visit, there is always something new to enjoy here. Nagoya is known for its long-loved culture, such as Nagoya Castle and Nagoya cuisine. In recent years, Nagoya has been undergoing remarkable redevelopment, with new spots being born one after another.

Ghibli Park opens! All areas are open!

The park will open in November 2022 with three areas, including the "Ghibli Warehouse," followed by the opening of "Mononoke no Sato" in November 2023 and "Valley of the Witches" in March 2024, completing the planned five areas. Ghibli Park official website:

Legoland is a theme park where the world of Lego blocks unfolds!

This theme park is a unique space created with Lego blocks that both adults and children can enjoy all day long. You can also see sea creatures at the attached aquarium, Sea Life Nagoya.

Endoji Shopping Street has a nostalgic feel to it!

A shopping street within walking distance of the hotel. It has a charming Showa retro atmosphere.

Book Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel at the best rate

How do I make a reservation? The best deal is to make a reservation through the official website.

In addition to enjoying the history and gourmet food, we also recommend visiting new spots and discovering the new Nagoya.

Located directly above Nagoya Station, the starting point for business or leisure, this hotel is perfect for those who want to make the most of their time.

Please make your reservation through our official website for the best deals.

Book Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel at the best rate

Official website: Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel

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