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About Tokoname sake, Shiraoi plum

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I will explain about the plum wine "Shiraou Ume" made by Sawada Sake Brewery in Tokoname City.

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About Tokoname's Sake Brewery "Sawada Sake Brewery"

Located along Ise Bay in Tokoname City, this sake brewery was founded in 1848. Its signature brand is Hakurou, and the brewery continues to brew sake using Chita spring water and traditional tools and methods, making use of the natural bounty of the Chita Peninsula.

About Sawada Sake Brewery's "Shiraouume"

For Shiraoi plums, we use Safuri plums from Chita, which weigh about 20 to 30 grams and are characterized by their strong sourness and thick flesh. This strong sourness is what makes Shiraoi plums so refreshing.

Shiraoi plum blossoms at Genji-koh

At Genji-koh, we serve this plum wine to our guests as an aperitif. If you like it, you can order it during dinner. You can choose to drink it on the rocks, with water, or with soda. I recommend mixing it with soda, which brings out the refreshing taste unique to Shiraoi plum.

They can also be purchased at the shop, making them a perfect souvenir.

Please be sure to pick one up the next time you visit Genji-koh.

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