900m from Tokyo Tower! "THANK" is a hot topic for its chicken ramen made with chicken and 10 kinds of vegetable potage.

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This ramen shop specializes in potage soup made with the flavors of chicken and 10 kinds of vegetables. Instead of using chemical seasonings, they use plenty of ingredients to bring out the flavor of the ingredients. THANK's ramen was created with the idea that they want people to eat it every day, ...

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What is "THANK"?

Located just 900 meters from Tokyo Tower , a symbol of Tokyo, THANK in the Shiba-Daimon area of ​​Minato Ward, a place that attracts many people from Japan and abroad, in recent years. As the name of the restaurant suggests, the potage soup, which is packed with the flavor of chicken and vegetables, has a loyal following of people of all ages and genders.

Also, in Japan, there is a unique negative culture that says "it is difficult for women to enter ramen restaurants," but the restaurant was one of the first to strive for hospitality for female customers, and has gained an overwhelming female fanbase, which is likely one of the reasons why it has built up its current status.

Access to THANK

7 minutes walk from the north exit of JR Hamamatsucho Station
3 minutes walk from A3, A6 exit of Daimon Station on the Toei Asakusa Line and Oedo Line
5 minutes walk from Shibakoen Station A3 exit on the Toei Mita Line

As the article's title suggests, there are many historical buildings nearby, including Tokyo Tower , which is synonymous with Tokyo; Hama Rikyu Gardens , which has been designated a Special Historic Site and Special Place of Scenic Beauty; and Zojoji Temple , which boasts a 600-year history and has ties to Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Other popular tourist spots include the Shiki Theatre Company , where you can enjoy plays, and Shiba Park , where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in spring.

Toripota THANK's Commitment

The main focus of THANK is the potage soup , which is made by condensing the flavors of chicken and 10 kinds of vegetables . Most of the vegetables are domestically produced , and the greengrocer selects the freshest ones depending on the season.

You can choose from three different soup levels .

[POTERI] ... Highly concentrated soup with more vegetable stock

[TORORI] ... A medium-thick basic soup with a good balance of chicken and vegetables.

[SARARI]・・・A light soup with more chicken stock and a low concentration

We recommend trying all the soups to see which one suits you best, but they are all mildly flavored yet rich enough that you'll be surprised at how different the flavors can be just by changing the ratio of chicken to vegetables .

The noodles are thin and crisp so that they can be firmly mixed with the soup.

The restaurant's attention to detail is also apparent in the chicken wings, which are marinated in a special soy sauce sauce and then slowly baked in the oven.

Another feature of this restaurant is that they do not use any chemical seasonings .

The cooking method, which does not rely on seasonings but instead extracts flavor from nutritious vegetables, perhaps reflects the owner's desire to "serve a bowl of noodles that satisfies both the stomach and the heart."

We also recommend ordering extra cheese and rice with the remaining soup to make cheese risotto .

If you can't decide, try this! The most popular "Salted Egg Ramen (POTERI)"

My favorite is the "POTERI" ramen topped with salted egg , which gives it a vegetable potage-like texture. It's rich but refreshing, and the delicious flavor lingers in your mouth for a long time. The topping of the egg is soft and runny , which makes the ramen even more enjoyable!

If you're unsure, why not try ordering this first?

Hidden popular menu "TORIPOTANA"

Topped with plenty of Parmesan cheese and nutritious fresh vegetables, the TORIPOTANA is a favorite among our regular customers.

First, eat it as is , then halfway through, crumble the egg yolk in the center and mix it with the noodles to create a mellow flavor.

One of the great things about TORIPOTANA is that you can enjoy the change in flavor as you taste it, with the accent of pink pepper and then adding a squeeze of lemon at the end.

For those who want to enjoy noodles, we also recommend "tsukemen."

Unlike ramen noodles, they use medium-thick noodles that are carefully kneaded by hand to bring out the best in the noodles.

The noodles, which have a fragrant roasted wheat flavor , match perfectly with the chicken and vegetable potage soup, which has just the right amount of spiciness and sourness .

Ordering Method and Manners

Here we will introduce how to order and proper etiquette.

How to line up and points to note

When there is a line in front of a store, you will have to wait in line. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing so.

1. Line up at the back.

2. Line up once everyone is present.

3. Don't interrupt.

4. Do not block the entrances of other shops or homes.

5. Don't spread out too much on the road. Line up in a straight line.

Please follow the rules so that everyone can have a good time.

How to order

There are two main ways to order at ramen restaurants in Japan: buying a ticket from a machine called a ticket vending machine, or looking at the menu and ordering verbally.

If you order from the ticket machine, hand the ticket to the staff before sitting down and they will guide you to your seat. If you order verbally, you will be guided to your seat and you can order after you sit down.

For "THANK", you will need to purchase a ticket from the ticket machine.

There are two payment methods: cash and QR code payment (PayPay, LINE Pay, Alipay) .

1) Insert money (if using cash) ⚠️ If using QR code payment, tell a staff member

2) Select your favorite menu and press the button. You can choose not only the ramen but also toppings and side dishes.

3) Take the ticket that comes out. Note that change may come out automatically or you may have to press a button manually.

4) Give the ticket to the staff

Once you hand your ticket to the staff, you will be guided to your seat.

A word from the owner, Yuji Tanabe

I first decided to start a business while studying abroad in New York.

Beginning with the September 11 terrorist attacks, I witnessed a world where war and genocide were never-ending, and felt a sense of contradiction in wondering if humanity really wanted peace. I was at the lowest point of my 22 years of life.

At such times, the ramen I casually ate satisfied my hunger, and at the same time, it made me feel strangely positive and saved my soul.

He rediscovered the wonderfulness of ramen, which he often ate in Japan, in a foreign land and decided he wanted to spread the word about it.

A bowl of ramen can't end the war, but it can make those who eat it smile. I still believe that this is my mission.

I want people to eat it every day, so I'll use plenty of vegetables.

I wanted my Muslim friends to eat it too, so I decided to make the soup chicken-based. That's how THANK's ramen was born. Nearly 20 years have passed since I decided to start the business, and I still want my customers to smile when I eat ramen.

My feelings haven't changed. I will continue to work hard with my colleagues today and in the future.

If you have a chance to come to Tokyo, we hope you will enjoy a delicious meal at "THANK". We look forward to your visit.

Souvenirs and mail order

THANK has an e-commerce site so that customers who live far away can enjoy their food in the comfort of their own home.

You will be amazed at the quality, which is comparable to what you would get at a restaurant. It also makes a great gift.

*Please note that shipping may be limited to domestic destinations.

Order it here

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``I want to spread the culture where women can eat ramen even if they're alone.'' That's why I started eating ramen 20 years ago. A ramen-loving girl who travels around all 47 prefectures and eats over 600 bowls a year. While there are many male ramen freaks out there, we are paying attention to his ramen life, which is about maintaining his body shape while also working as a celebrity. She presides over the Ramen Girls' Association, which rents out popular ramen shops, and in 2015 held the ``First Ramen Girls' Expo'' at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. The event, which attracts popular stores from all over the country, has since been held in Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Kumamoto, and Shizuoka, attracting a total of approximately 750,000 people. In 2018, he established Ramen Switch Co., Ltd. and released the world's first ramen jewelry brand "ZURU+." Producer and author of ramen sake ``NOODLE SAKE -Shunka Autumn and Winter-'' ``Rice and Agave Craft Salmon for Ramen'' and author ``Tokyo Ramen Collection'' (Shobunsha)

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