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The island where you can take a deep breath: "Amami Oshima" History and Culture

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"Guest In Shallman" is located in Misato, Sumiyo-cho, where many historical traces of great people and Shintoism remain. Each village on Amami Oshima has various legends related to gods. One of the things to enjoy is experiencing the historical culture of Amami Oshima, which contrasts with the World...

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Experience the history and culture surrounding the events and festivals of Amami Oshima

There is a village called "Mizato" written as "Mizato". The current population of the village is about 120 households.

There are many people with the surname "Shidama" in this village.

Also, did you know that each settlement on Amami Oshima has spaces called "Kamimichi" or "Miya"?

What is Kamimichi?: There is a secret narrow path in the village called "Kamimichi" ( divine path ), and as the name suggests, it is treasured as a "path that the gods walk on". Therefore, it is always kept clean.

What is Miya? After walking along this Kamimichi for a while, you will come to Miya. Since ancient times, important village events have begun at a place called Miya. The August Dance, a culture of Amami Oshima, begins at Miya, where it is dedicated to the gods. (The dance circle descends from the beach, as seen in the photo.)

Currently, at the harvest festivals held in each village on Amami Oshima, a visit to Miya (shrine) is made first, followed by a sumo offering.

In Miya Square, there is a rock called "Ibiganashi" (bottom left). In Amami, natural stones that are said to be related to the beginning of the village are called "Ibiganashi" and are worshiped as the sacred object of the village. (Image above)

There are many histories related to gods on Amami Oshima. In this way, the "Noro" and "Yuta" are well known as beings related to religious ceremonies. "Noro" are people who are in charge of public rituals in villages and regions, while "Yuta" are people who are

They provide various advice to ordinary individuals. It can be said that Amami Oshima's geographical location and complex historical factors have led to the creation of a wide variety of cultures. If you are interested, I would be happy if you would listen.

The image shows Hamaore, an event held every May on the seaside in Misato village to pray for a good harvest.

"Guest in Shallman" is a convenient guesthouse for experiences

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There are two shared rooms, the larger one can accommodate two people. Except for the shared bathroom, the room facilities and equipment are the same as for a semi-house rental. The remaining room can accommodate two people with bunk beds and has a shared kitchen, toilet, and bathroom. Towels and bath towels are available for free rental.

The guesthouse is surrounded by forest, so you will feel the freshness of the ozone. Also, if you are drawn to the birds singing early in the morning and take a walk, you may have a chance to see the "Blue Jay", which only lives in Amami. We hope you will be lucky.

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An island of biodiversity, sandwiched between the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Convenient for sightseeing and night tours. You can experience the excitement of experiencing mangroves and black rabbits creeping up on you. ❣ The owner is trying to find fulfillment and purpose in life as he approaches his 100th birthday, despite his advanced age. Bird watching, scuba diving, whale watching, and other activities and sightseeing are all welcome. The view around the island is also spectacular. “To Kagoshima, Amami Oshima, Japan”

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