[Izu Shuzenji Onsen] Fireflies and hydrangeas! A spectacular view for a limited time only at "SORA Togetsuso Kinryu"

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A view that can only be enjoyed at this time of year at Shuzenji Onsen. We introduce the beauty of the Firefly Evening, which has been carefully preserved every year, and the Shuzenji Hydrangea, an initiative that began in March of this year.

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Firefly Night

A soothing dance of fireflies on a quiet night in Shuzenji

Venue: Shuzenji Onsen Akakaeru Park (below the Takishita Bridge)
Time: The best time to see the flowers is said to be around 8pm.
*Depending on the weather, it may not be possible to view the exhibit.


・Wear footwear you are used to wearing
The venue is very dark and it is difficult to see where you are standing, so it is dangerous to walk around in shoes that you are not used to wearing.
・Don't catch fireflies
The lifespan of floating fireflies is said to be about two weeks. Please do not try to catch them, just enjoy watching them.
Don't use anything shiny
Fireflies do not like bright light. Do not point car lights, cell phones, or flashlights at them. Dark places are dangerous, but be sure to turn off the lights when you arrive at your destination.
・Keep your child close at hand
There are dangerous areas around the venue, including streams and paved stones, so please avoid leaving children alone in the dark.
・Flash photography is prohibited
If the fireflies are exposed to the light of the flash, they will become weak. It is difficult to take pictures of fireflies with a regular smartphone or digital camera. We recommend taking pictures with the shutter of your heart.
*If you are using a tripod, please avoid using it near the habitat. Also, please be careful not to get in the way of other visitors who are viewing the exhibit.

"Akagaeru Park" is a 5-minute walk from SORA!

Every year from mid-May to late June, you can enjoy the sight of fireflies flying around.
The peak time is around 8pm from late May to mid-June.

Please enjoy this mysterious evening that is only available at this time of year.

Shuzenji Hydrangea


Hydrangea seedlings planted on the slope of the forest garden in March.
We named it Shuzenji Hydrangea and everyone has been taking good care of it.

The state of May

We were able to see the flowers bloom just before the first rainy season.

June is hydrangea season.

How will the Shuzenji hydrangeas grow from now on?

Come join us as we watch over the new forest garden landscape!

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