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Enjoy the Hawaiian atmosphere at a hotel buffet this summer! "Midsummer Tropical Hawaiian Fair" to be held

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Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd. will holding the "Midsummer Tropical Hawaiian Fair" from Monday, July 1st to Sunday, September 1st, 2024, allowing you to experience the feeling of traveling to Hawaii from within Japan.

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This event is the seventh chain-wide fair of the Oriental Hotels & Resorts and will be held simultaneously at three facilities: Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay (Chiba Prefecture), Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel (Hyogo Prefecture), and Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa (Okinawa Prefecture).

The "Midsummer Tropical Hawaiian Fair" will feature a lineup of many popular local Hawaiian foods, such as "Salmon Poke" and "Sweet Shrimp Garlic Shrimp with Shells." In addition, you can enjoy hotel-made tropical menu items that will make you feel like you're in Hawaii, such as the "Hawaiian Pound Pork Pizza," which is topped with tender pork and is very satisfying, and the "Tropical Mont Blanc," which is inspired by the "Pina Colada" cocktail.

This fair also has a full tropical drink menu. We also have mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails). You can also enjoy making your own cocktails, such as "Blue Hawaii," a cocktail made by combining "Bols Blue," a liqueur with a vivid blue color like the Hawaiian ocean, with pineapple juice, or a beer cocktail made by adding mango liqueur to beer.

Enjoy a culinary trip to Hawaii with a tropical Hawaiian fair that will help you forget the summer heat.

■ Overview of the "Midsummer Tropical Hawaiian Fair"

Event period: July 1st (Mon) to September 1st (Sun), 2024

Location: All three Oriental Hotels & Resorts chain hotels

[Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay] Restaurant Grand Cinq

[Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel] Terrace & Dining "ALL FLAGS"

[Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa] Buffet & Grill Quachie


Cold: Salmon poke, etc.

Hot: Shelled sweet shrimp with garlic, Hawaiian pork pizza, Hawaiian chili & chips, etc.

Dessert: Tropical Mont Blanc (only available at dinner time at Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay), etc.

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*The menu offered varies by facility. Please check each facility's website for details.

In addition to the standard drink menu, this fair will also have a full lineup of mocktails. We will also be offering a number of easy-to-make tropical cocktail recipes at the venue. Please enjoy the beautiful tropical drinks.

Menu: Asahi Super Dry, wine by the glass (red and white), cocktails, etc.

Price: Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay Lunch: 100 minutes / Dinner: 120 minutes 2,500 yen

Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel Lunch and Dinner: 90 minutes 3,500 yen

Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa Dinner: 90 minutes 2,800 yen

■Oriental Hotels & Resorts Hotel Fair

Oriental Hotels & Resorts has held six chain-wide gourmet fairs to date. By taking advantage of the strength of the group's hotels, "collaboration between hotels," we will continue to actively work to hold these fairs simultaneously in major regions across the country, so that customers can choose the best plan from a wide range of options without being limited to their travel destinations.

² First installment: "Buono! Cheerful Italian Fair" (April 10th to June 30th, 2023)

² 2nd installment: "Showa Retro Buffet" (July 1st to August 31st, 2023)

² 3rd installment: "Bon appétit! Autumn flavors in a Japanese-French fair" (September 1st to October 31st, 2023)

² 4th installment: Winter Market (November 1, 2023 - January 31, 2023)

² 5th "Spring Strawberry Gourmet Fair" (February 1st to April 7th, 2024)

² 6th edition: Mediterranean Gourmet Fair (April 8th - June 30th, 2024)

For more information about the host hotels, please see below.

[Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay]

[Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel]

[Oriental Hotel Okinawa Resort & Spa]

■About Oriental Hotels & Resorts

Oriental Hotels & Resorts is a hotel chain brand operated by Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd. Aiming to "provide a unique stay experience" and for the hotel itself to "become a destination that engages the area," the company operates 14 hotels (total number of rooms: 3,940) throughout Japan, including "Oriental Hotel" and "Hotel Oriental Express." With its unique membership "CLUB ORIENTAL," which has no joining or annual fees, members can enjoy attractive benefits and member-only plans.






■Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd. Company Profile

Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd. is a hotel management company that operates 22 hotels in Japan (total number of rooms: 6,438). The total number of employees in the group hotels is 2,682. In addition to its own brands, "Oriental Hotel" and "Hotel Oriental Express," the company manages and operates a variety of hotels, including "Hilton," "Sheraton," and "Hotel Nikko." (As of May 2024)

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Oriental Hotels & Resorts is a hotel chain brand operated by Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd. We operate 14 hotels in Japan, including ``Oriental Hotel'' and ``Hotel Oriental Express,'' with the aim of ``providing a unique stay experience'' and making the hotel itself ``a destination that involves the area.'' CLUB ORIENTAL, a unique membership with no entrance fee or annual fee, offers attractive benefits and members-only plans.

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