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Hokkaido Souvenirs - 8 Delicious Snacks

Hokkaido Souvenirs - 8 Delicious Snacks

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Inou masahiro

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The best gifts from Hokkaido are the ones made with fresh dairy and fruit. We introduce eights delicious snacks that make great souvenirs from Hokkaido.

Hokkaido is Japan's largest prefecture and has a prospering farming industry. The region is well known for its delicious fresh produce and dairy products.

We will introduce our selection of sweet souvenirs from Hokkaido.

1. Potatochip Chocolate ORIGINAL (Royce')

poteto chokorate

Royce' Potatochip Chocolate ORIGINAL is a potato chip snack coated with smooth chocolate on both sides.

Does that sound like a strange match to you? Well, take our word for it and try them out. The two flavors actually go very well together.

poteto chocorate 2

Once the chip is in your mouth, the chocolate flavor spreads out. The slight saltiness of the potato chip doesn't get in the way of the chocolate, but rather it brings out the sweetness. The aftertaste is mostly potato chip saltiness and it offers a quite unique flavor experience.

Other than the chocolate-coated ORIGINAL flavor chips, they also offer bitter cacao-flavored MILD BITTER version, a white chocolate covered FROMAGE BLANC option and a CARAMEL flavor.

Manufacturer: ROYCE' Confect Co., Ltd.
Product Name: Potatochip Chocolate ORIGINAL
Price: 778 yen (including tax)

2. Nama Chocolate AU LAIT (Royce')

royse choco

Nama Chocolate AU LAIT is another Royce' product. It's "raw chocolate", or 'nama chocolate', is a mixture of chocolate and fresh cream. It uses fresh cream produced in Hokkaido. The difference between this raw chocolate and others is how it melts in your mouth.


The pleasant taste of the fresh cream and milk-flavored chocolate easily melts inside your mouth. Liquors are used for flavoring, creating an even smoother taste. The cocoa powder sprinkled on top adds depth to the refined flavor.

As fresh cream is used in this product, it should be kept at under 10 degrees Celsius. Keep it in the fridge as soon as you arrive at your hotel or home.

Other than the most popular flavor variety, AU LAIT, they also have the standard MATCHA, WHITE, CHAMPAGNE, BITTER, and MILD CACAO, as well as seasonal flavors. The big variety might make it difficult to choose.

Just as the potato chip chocolate above, Nama Chocolate can be purchased at department stores like Marui-Imai in Sapporo or the New Chitose Airport.

Manufacturer: ROYCE' Confect Co., Ltd.
Product Name: Nama Chocolate AU LAIT 20 Pieces
Price: 778 yen (including tax)

3. Marusei Butter Sand (Rokkatei)

butter sand 2

The Marusei Butter Sand (sandwich) of made by Rokkatei is a crispy biscuit snack with white chocolate, raisins, and cream made with 100% Hokkaido raw milk-made butter. It is also popular for its retro package.


The texture of the biscuit and the smooth, rich sweetness of the cream alongside the sourness of the raisins are an incredible match. The raisins are large, and just the right amount of juicy when you bite into them. The flavor is very rich, but it won't have you getting tired of it anytime soon.

They offer various size packages, from four pieces to thirty in one box. You can either get some of these if you're planning on handing out souvenirs to all your friends or buy just one for yourself to enjoy right away.

Product Name: Marusei Butter Sand 10 Pieces
Price: 1,300 yen (including tax)

4. Yukiyakonko (Rokkatei)


Yukiyakonko is a black cocoa cookie covered in white chocolate. It is best when eaten after being cooled in the refrigerator.


It's made of chocolate, but it has a very refreshing taste. Lemon powder and orange peels are used inside the chocolate, making it a great refreshing snack.

Yukiyakonko is a Rokkatei brand souvenir as well. This company is known for its snacks with refined butter taste. In addition to the main store in Sapporo, Rokkatei has shops throughout Hokkaido as well.

Product Name: Yukiyakonko 8 Pieces
Price: 730 yen (including tax)

5. Sanporoku (Ryugetsu)


Sanporoku is a type of baumkuchen covered with milk chocolate and white chocolate, representing the white birch bark. The snack uses flour from Tokachi, as well as butter, sugar, and eggs from Hokkaido. The layers mimic like tree rings, and the snack really looks like you just cut into a tree.


The chocolate coating on the outside is firm and the sponge on the inside is sweet and moist. Enjoy the two textures together for the best flavor experience.

The normal PLAIN flavor brings out the best of the local Hokkaido ingredients. They offer a MAPLE flavor with maple syrup kneaded into the dough and a cacao CHOCOLA flavor.

Other than at the Sweetpia Garden in the Tokachi region, Yukiyakonko can be found at the Odori Main Store at Obihiro station, as well as throughout Hokkaido at stores like AEON Obihiro.

Manufacturer: Ryugetsu
Product Name: Sanporoku 2 Pieces (Plain x 2)
Price: 1,385 yen (including tax)

6. Mifuyu (Ishiya)


Mifuyu is a chocolate snack consisting of three types of chocolate (black, caramel and white) covering crisp pie pastries with filling. The inside resembles a mille-feuille.


Inside the black chocolate-coated Mifuyu is a blueberry filling. The sweet and sour taste of the blueberry and bitterness of the chocolate are a fantastic match. The caramel chocolate-covered Mifuyu has a caramel filling inside. The delicious caramel flavor will spread in your mouth. The white chocolate Mifuyu has a chestnut filling. The chestnut flavor isn't too strong, but rather brings out the best in the creamy white chocolate.

Mifuyu can be bought at souvenir shops throughout Hokkaido.

Manufacturer: ISHIYA CO., LTD.
Product Name: Mifuyu 6 Pieces
Price: 761 yen (including tax)

7. Double Fromage (LeTAO)

cheese cake 1

Double Fromage is a famous cheesecake by the pastry shop LeTAO. Their stores can be found mainly around Otaru.

It is especially known for the two layers of baked cheesecake and rare cheesecake (no-bake cheesecake) which create a unique taste and texture experience.

cheese cake 2

The amazing flavor of the fresh cheese will fill your mouth in just one bite. The rich cheese flavor flows out from the baked cheese, while the cheese cream will gently wrap around it. It's best to be eaten when not completely cold and the rare cheese is just starting to melt.

Manufacturer: KCC Co., Ltd.
Product Name: Double Fromage
Price: 1,728 yen (including tax)

8. Otaru Rue Ironai Fromage (LeTAO)

ironaidori fromage 1

Otaru Rue Ironai Fromage (Otaru Ironai Dori Fromage) is a cookie using original fresh cream butter, Italian mascarpone cheese and cream cheese. It should be noted that it uses the same cheese as the Double Fromage mentioned above.

ironaidori fromage 2

Open the package and the tasty scent of cheese will fill your nose. You can clearly taste the delicious butter, as well as the rich mascarpone cheese.

The Double Fromage and Otaru Rue Ironai Fromage can be bought in Otaru, as well as at the New Chitose Airport.

Manufacturer: KCC Co., Ltd.
Product Name: Otaru Rue Ironai Fromage 18
Price: 1,404 yen (including tax)

Enjoy the Flavors of Hokkaido!

Many of the souvenirs use fresh cream and butter from Hokkaido. If you visit Hokkaido, make sure to try at least one of the amazing sweets mentioned here or even bring the flavor of Hokkaido home with you.

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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