Have A Great Time In Odaiba! 5 Recommended Spots Along The Rinkai Line

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If you want to enjoy Tokyo without having to walk about too much, the Odaiba area along the Rinkai Line is the place to go! We introduce five great destinations where you can have fun in Odaiba.

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Tokyo is the most popular destination for visitors from abroad. There are many wonderful spots such as Harajuku, where you can enjoy the latest fashions, or Asakusa, with its traditional townscape. Tokyo covers a vast area, so some people may be weary of the distance between sightseeing spots.

For those looking for an area where they can spend a whole day without moving around too much, the Rinkai Line offers the perfect balance.

Video - Spending a Fun Day in the Rinkai Line Area!

The Rinkai Line runs for 12.2 kilometers, mainly through the Odaiba area, and the whole train ride takes only eighteen minutes.

Check out this video for some inspiration on fun things to do in Odaiba!

Visitors can enjoy shopping at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, or view the nightscape from Telecom Center Building Observatory, so family groups can also have fun in this area. The following are the five recommended spots in the Odaiba area.

To check access from Tokyo and Shinjuku Stations to Tokyo Teleport Station of the Rinkai Line, please take a look at the Rinkai Line webpage.

Odaiba Seaside Park

Odaiba Recommended Places

It is a seven minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line to Odaiba Seaside Park. People enjoy canoeing and windsurfing at this artificial beach, which stretches for 800 meters. It is often bustling with visitors, and various events are held here throughout the year.

Rainbow Bridge, an Odaiba icon, and the high-rise buildings on the opposite shore can be seen from the here. A stroll while taking in the great view is another way to enjoy this beach.

Odaiba Recommended Places

Keep walking, and Statue of Liberty, where many visitors take photographs, comes into view. This is a replica made by a company in Odaiba, after the Paris Statue of Liberty was displayed in Japan in 1998.

Odaiba Recommended Places

A photograph of the statue with your friends or family should make a nice memory of the Tokyo trip.

Tokyo Joypolis

Tokyo Joypolis, the largest indoor theme park in Japan, is a five minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of attractions, including virtual reality games.

Odaiba Recommended Places
Odaiba Recommended Places

This is an ideal spot to visit, regardless of the weather. Live Coaster, a thrilling roller coaster ride, and Halfpipe Tokyo, a skateboard game, are especially popular.

Odaiba Recommended Places

The ticket vending machine can be operated in English, so non-Japanese speakers need not to worry. There are also pamphlets in English, Chinese, and Korean too, so all you need to do is have fun!

Decks Tokyo Beach

Odaiba Recommended Places
Odaiba Recommended Places

Tokyo Joypolis is located inside Decks Tokyo Beach, a large shopping mall complex. Madame Tussaud's Tokyo, famous for its life-sized wax figures of celebrities, is also located here.

This mall also features a wide variety of general merchandise stores and restaurants, so it is an ideal place to dine after a visit to Tokyo Joypolis.

Odaiba Recommended Places
Odaiba Recommended Places

Trattoria Pizzeria LOGIC Odaiba, an Italian restaurant located on the third floor of the mall, is famous for its pizza and pasta. Customers can enjoy the view of the Rainbow Bridge along with the great food.

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Odaiba Recommended Places

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza is a shopping mall famous for the full-scale figure of Gundam (*1) standing outside. This mall is a perfect place to look for souvenirs, as it boasts a wide variety of general merchandise stores. Located at a three minute walking distance from the Tokyo Teleport Station, it is also easy to access.

*1: The display of the original Gundam figure ended in March 2017. A new figure is scheduled to be displayed from November 2017.

Odaiba Recommended Places

If you are looking for souvenirs, head to Sostrene Grene, which is filled with retro-modern items.

Odaiba Recommended Places
Odaiba Recommended Places

The store handles stylish earthenware, such as mugs designed like Japanese teacups. They also have stationery and party items as well. Sostrene Grene keeps a rich selection of goods in stock, so as far as time permits, why not think about your friends back home, and look for the perfect souvenir.

Telecom Center Building Observatory

The nighttime view from the Telecom Center Building Observatory is designated as one of the top night views of Japan. The observatory is located on the 21st floor of the building; from here, visitors can enjoy the beautiful Odaiba townscape. It is a fifteen minute walk from the Tokyo Teleport Station.

Odaiba Recommended Places

The Ferris wheel in the nearby amusement park Palette Town, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree can be seen in daytime. If the weather is clear, Mount Fuji, the symbol of Japan, can also be viewed from this tower.

Odaiba Recommended Places

This is the view which was designated as a Night View Heritage site in Japan. Enjoying the scenery from this spacious observatory is sure to make a great memory of your Tokyo tour.

Enjoy Yourself All Day Long in Odaiba

Odaiba Recommended Places

There are attractive spots for shopping and dining, and also places to enjoy the view along the Rinkai Line. The five spots in this article can be all visited in a single day, so next time you visit Tokyo, get on the Rinkai Line and explore the Odaiba area.

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Photos and text by Kazuma Takahashi.
Scenery photos by Tokyo Port Terminal Corporation, TOKYO JOYPOLIS, Shutterstock.
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