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Explore The Transparent Waters Of Uradome Beach In Tottori

Explore The Transparent Waters Of Uradome Beach In Tottori

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by MATCHA-PR

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At Tottori's Uradome Beach, listed as a UNESCO Global Geopark, there are sights thought to be among the most beautiful in Japan. Today, we will introduce the amazing scenery featured in anime movies, sea activities you can partake in, and more.

There are numerous places on the planet with magnificent beach resorts, such as the Cebu Island in the Philippines, or Oahu Island in Hawaii. In Japan, Tottori Prefecture has an enchanting sea that is on a par with the world’s most famous places.

Uradome Beach, nearby the famous Tottori Sand Dunes, is a place where the sea has a transparency zone of 25 meters, and is considered one of, if not the most, spectacular sights Japan has to offer.


1. Featured in Anime! Discover Uradome Beach
2. 3 Amazing Spots at Uradome Beach
3. Fun Sea Activities at Uradome Beach
4. Done with the Active Part? Then how about some Squid Ink Curry?
5. How to Get to Uradome Beach

Featured in Anime! Discover Uradome Beach

Uradome Beach

Photo courtesy of Tottori Prefecture

One of the most appealing characteristics of Uradome Beach has to do with its type, the so-called rias coastline (deeply indented coastline). The rocks combine with the clear blue water to make an out-of-this-world scenery. The outstanding landscape made this Uradome Beach become one of UNESCO’s Global Geoparks.

San’in Kaigan Geopark Official Website:

Since 2013, the plot of a well-known anime series and movie production titled “Free!” changed to this area. This led to a series of tours intended for the “Free!” fandom, to have them vicariously experience the same burning passion for swimming as the high school boys in the anime.

3 Amazing Spots at Uradome Beach

With its 15 kilometer-long coastline spreading towards east and west, Uradome Beach has plenty of beautiful sights. Let us introduce to you three that are particularly special.

Shirawara Beach - Cliffs Covered with Rapeseed Blossoms

Uradome Beach

Photo courtesy of Tottori Prefecture

Shirawara Beach is known for its amazing rock formation called Natane-Goto – a wonderful scenery of five lined up islands. In the spring, on the largest of the islands, you can enjoy a beautiful sight of rapeseed flowers in full blossom.

You can get there if you ride a bus from JR Iwami Station for 12 minutes, get off at Tajiri bus stop and walk for another 15 minutes.

Nishiwaki Beach - A Dazzling Sight!

Uradome Beach

Photo courtesy of Tottori Prefecture

As you head toward Nishiwaki Beach, you’ll be left in awe with the elegant line of small rocks and the greenery of the pine trees. The beautiful scenery is said to have the power to open your eyes even if you’re daydreaming.

Nishiwaki Beach is in the vicinity of JR Higashihama Station (next to JR Iwami Station).

The Stone Gates of Senganmatsushima

Uradome Beach

Although one of the landmarks of Senganmatsushima is the lone pine tree growing on top of the 10-meter high rock, we shouldn't forget to mention the exquisite natural wonders of this island. Due to the constant erosion of the rocks because of the strong waves, nature found its way to express its beauty by carving out a hole in the rocks, thus creating a gate-like structure. As it is quite far from the station, we suggest riding a lovely sightseeing boat for a pleasant excursion to the rocks.

Fun Sea Activities to Enjoy at Uradome Beach

Experience Uradome Beach from a Sightseeing Boat

Uradome Beach

As we have previously mentioned, the most comfortable way to admire the wonders of Uradome Beach is by riding a sightseeing boat. It takes about 40 minutes to pass all the rocks and islands in the vicinity, such as Shirawara Beach, Senganmatsushima, and other. You can reserve your spot on the boat anytime between March and November.

Furthermore, during the period starting from the end of April until the end of September, you can ride a special small boat, bound for an exciting tour through the narrow caves and passages, which you wouldn’t be able to witness on a large-type sightseeing boat. This extraordinary voyage will allow you to see the 70-meter high cliffs from their very bottom!

Uradome Beach Pleasure Sightseeing Boat Port

Address: Tottori, Iwami, Iwami, Otani 2182
Website: (Japanese)

Witness the Steep Cliffs of Uradome Beach on a Kayak!

Uradome Beach

Photo courtesy of Tottori Prefecture

If you’re up for an even more thrilling experience, we recommend riding a sea kayak, which will take you unbelievably close to the stunningly steep cliffs of Uradome Beach. There are two different kayaking courses you can choose from – the easy tour for beginners (Uradome Beach Course) and the leveled-up course for intermediate and skilled kayakers (Kamogaiso and Shirawara Beach Courses).

Uradome Beach Course Booking Page:
Kamogaiso and Shirawara Beach Course Booking Page:

Get Immersed in the Pure Waters of Uradome Beach on a Clear Kayak

Uradome Beach

Photo courtesy of Tottori Prefecture

If you fell in love with the crystal clear water of Uradome Beach and would like to admire it while riding the waves, we suggest the clear kayaking tour. Thanks to the bottom of the boat being transparent, you can take a peek at the livelihood of the fish and at the seaweed swaying gently in the translucent water.

Clear Kayaking Tour Booking Page:

Take on Snorkeling and Discover the World of the Fish Inhabiting Uradome Beach

Uradome Beach

Photo courtesy of Tottori Prefecture

As you may have anticipated, there are numerous subtropical water fish, sea slugs, and other species living in the clear waters of Uradome Beach. If you’re wondering about the ways to explore that colorful and wild under-the-sea park, you might want to consider the snorkeling tour.

Snorkeling Reception

Address: Tottori, Iwami, Iwami, Makidani 690-20 (Nagisa Exchange Center)
Website: (Japanese)

Try SUP, a Popular Water Sport

In addition to the previously mentioned activities, at Uradome Beach you can also test your ability to paddle, or, to be more precise, paddle while standing on a boat – a type of a water sport called stand up paddle boarding (SUP). The moment you stand on that boat floating in the sea, you will experience a unique, walking-on-the-clouds-like sensation thanks to the purest water of Uradome Beach.

SUP Booking Page:

Done with the Active Part? How about some Squid Ink Curry?

Uradome Beach

Next to the boarding dock for the sightseeing boat of Uradome Beach, you’ll notice the Ajiroya Restaurant. Their most famous dish is squid ink curry, and just as the name implies, you might be surprised by the pitch-black curry stew made from seafood and a lavish amount of edible squid ink. But don’t let the looks of it scare you away – just try one bite, and you’ll find that this gourmet dish deserves all the praise it gets, with its mouth-watering and rich seafood flavor.

As for the taste-explorers out there, we suggest taking on Ajiroya’s squid ink soft serve – another pitch-black delicacy made with squid ink, but this time, in a form of a much-loved dessert!

How to Get to Uradome Beach

It takes about 30 minutes by car or a taxi from JR Tottori Station to reach Uradome Beach. If you decide to go there by train, first ride a train bound for JR Iwami Station from JR Tottori Station. From there on, it might be best to rent a bicycle for a day for a cheap price of 500 yen at the nearby Iwami Tourist Association.

Iwami Tourist Association

For more information please check the official website of Tottori Prefecture:

Please also check out our articles in the Tottori section.

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