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High-Tech Japanese Toilet: Want to Wash Your Bottom in A Toilet?
  • High-Tech Japanese Toilet: Want to Wash Your Bottom in A Toilet?

High-Tech Japanese Toilet: Want to Wash Your Bottom in A Toilet?

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Translated by Michiyo Nakashima

Written by Takahide Aoyagi

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When you travel abroad, public sanitation of a country is an important aspect that you want to keep in mind. But not only that, sometimes you can see a culture from a bathroom. Inside a Japanese modern bathroom, you will find out surprising technology.

Relaxing space & High-tech


A Japanese modern bathroom is a bit different from bathrooms of other countries. It is a pretty relaxing space with a clean and shiny toilet seat. And, the toilet itself has many functions. You can warm the seat up to your preferred level, for example, and also a cover of the toilet seat opens automatically.

Do you want to wash your bottom in a Japanese toilet?

There are many other functions in Japanese modern toilet.


There are separated push buttons on a wall or next to a toilet seat. If you push the button in the middle of the plate, the toilet started functioning.


And then…


A nozzle came out and a gentle jet of water started! It is for washing your bottom. Those toilets are called “Washlet”, invented by TOTO or a shower toilet, and commonly adapted in many places in Japan.

You can adjust the power of the water jet.


If you push the button in the middle, then you need to adjust the power of the water jet. If you push + button, the water jet will be strong, and – button makes the water jet weak. You can also manage the position of the nozzle by pushing 前 (front) and 後 (back) buttons.

To completely clean up your bottom…

There is something more that may attract you.


If you push the middle button twice, the nozzle starts moving constantly! Let’s see how that happens on the video below.

After you’re done with washing your bottom…

When you are finished with a toilet shower, push the wind button.


Gentle wind starts to blow from under the seat and it helps to dry your bottom. When you are done, push 止 button.


For this entry, I opened the toilet seat to show the water jet, but you have to sit on the toilet seat when you use these functions. If you are not careful and standing in front of the seat when you try these functions, you will be wet and the floor will also be soaked, so don’t play with it for the next person who wants to use the clean toilet. How was this entry? It would be another adventure in Japan!

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