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Snap Stunning Photos! Tokyo Mega Illumination: Enter A World Of Light

Snap Stunning Photos! Tokyo Mega Illumination: Enter A World Of Light

Translated by Ken

Written by MATCHA-PR

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After a day of exploring the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, why not visit somewhere breathtakingly beautiful? The Tokyo Mega Illumination is an event filled with photogenic light displays and great food. The Oi Racecourse venue is accessible from the city, making it easy to have a special night.

The Illuminations at Oi Racecourse - Easy Access from Central Tokyo

Entrance Gate

Picture courtesy of TOKYOTOKEIBA Co., Ltd.

Started in 2018, Tokyo Mega Illumination is the largest light-up event in the Tokyo metropolis. The venue, Oi Racecourse, or Tokyo City Keiba (TCK), is a quick, 20-minute train ride from Tokyo Station.

The venue is also 20 minutes from Tokyo Teleport Station in Odaiba, which is a great place to drop by for some fun and shopping. You can also visit the illumination before flying out of Haneda Airport because it's only 13 minutes away via the Tokyo Monorail.

The illumination is from October 5, 2019, to March 29, 2020. For details on the opening hours, check the official website.

The entrance fee is 1,000 yen for adults (18 and over) and 500 yen for children (elementary, middle, and high school students).

Explore Two Areas Filled with Lit-Up Fun!

The illumination venue is divided into two areas. The TWINKLE MEGA TREE AREA is on the side of the stands, while the TIME TRAVEL AREA is at the race track.

Light Tunnel

A tunnel of light connects the two areas: the Tokyo Time Tunnel. An array of colorful LEDs covers the inside of the tunnel, which transports you into a mysterious universe.

Walk a little further to see the Great Light Staircase shining in seven brilliant colors. You'll be able to snap some stunning photos here.

Since the venue is spacious, it will take about an hour to see all the areas. Make sure to dress warmly and comfortably.

This article will introduce some of our favorite interactive displays.

Illumination Spots You Can Have Fun While Walking Around

Twinkle Tunnel


Picture courtesy of TOKYOTOKEIBA Co., Ltd.

You will come across the TWINKLE TUNNEL if you enter from the North Gate near Tokyo Monorail's Oi Keibajo-mae Station. This breathtaking display gives the illusion of walking through the galaxy.

Beneath your feet is a projection that resembles space, while stars and pegasus horses fly above and around you. Surrounded 360-degrees in a stream of lights, you'll feel as if you're strolling through the universe. After the tunnel, you'll enter yet another otherworldly area.

Tokyo Twinkle Map


The TOKYO TWINKLE MAP uses projection mapping technology to display a map of Tokyo on the floor. If you step onto the map, you'll see stars twinkling above and trains and airplanes traveling in Tokyo below.

The display is also interactive. If you touch the map at your feet, numerous sightseeing locations—such as Tokyo Tower and Kaminarimon Gate—pop up. This attraction is another excellent place to take photos and videos!

Become Enveloped in a World of Light and Sound

Rainbow Fountain Light Show

Large Fountain of Light

Picture courtesy of TOKYOTOKEIBA Co., Ltd.

A massive rainbow fountain light show takes place for 5 minutes at 20-minute intervals. This new illumination was added to the event itinerary in 2019.

The colorful fountain lights dance to the rhythm of wadaiko (Japanese drums) and the shamisen (*1).

The combination of the music, lights, and fountain will surely captivate you.

*1 Shamisen: a traditional Japanese stringed instrument. It has three strings, and its body is traditionally covered with cat or dog skin.

Aurora Forest

Aurora Forest

Picture courtesy of TOKYOTOKEIBA Co., Ltd.

Another recent addition this season (2019-2020) is the Aurora Forest, which utilizes the latest light technology. Above the trees, sprawling layers of light curtains and a colorful aurora are projected using color lasers.

Enjoy the beautiful aurora display in the city as relaxing music plays in the forest.

The Genfukei


Picture courtesy of TOKYOTOKEIBA Co., Ltd.

The GENFUKEI recreates a rural Japanese scenery through lights and music. The lights used to create the ears of rice plants change color from the vivid green of summer to the golden orange of the harvest season.

You may feel a wave of nostalgia come over you as you watch the rice plants swaying in the wind.

It is a soothing illumination that seemingly allows viewers to experience time moving more slowly.

Edo Gokusai Tanada

Terraced Rice Fields

The Edo Gokusai Tanada draws inspiration from tanada (*2), or terraced rice fields, common in the mountainous regions of Japan. The refreshing breeze is represented with lights. If you listen carefully, you'll be able to catch the sounds of cicadas and other summer insects singing.

Terraced Rice Fields

You can walk through the paths between the terraced fields. Poke your head out to take a photo of yourself immersed in all of the lights!

If you get lucky with time, you might also catch the rainbow fountain show we introduced earlier.

*2 Tanada: terraced rice fields built on slopes.

Romantic Photo Spots

Edo Cherry Blossom Tunnel - A 100-Meter Long Corridor of Glittering Cherry Blossoms

Edo Cherry Blossom Tunnel

Picture courtesy of TOKYOTOKEIBA Co., Ltd.

This 100-meter long tunnel features stunning illuminations of cherry blossoms and seasonal flowers with elegant music playing in the background.

You can capture a photo of yourself within a glittering display of cherry blossoms. As you continue walking along here, you will get a taste of one of Japan's favorite spring pastimes: cherry blossom viewing.

Twin Kuru Kuru Fantasy

Twin Kuru Kuru Fantasy

For those looking to capture a fun photo, head over to the TWIN Kuru Kuru Fantasy near the paddock! This pair of merry-go-rounds is one of the highlights of the Tokyo Mega Illumination.

Reflecting the lights, the merry-go-rounds themselves give off a romantic shimmer. Since they are stationary, you can take photos that are sharp and blur-free.

Beautifully Arranged and Appetizing Dishes!

While the Tokyo Mega Illumination has gorgeous light displays, don't forget about the delectable food and drinks! After a romantic night, why not savor some food, drinks, and desserts?

Wa Nagomi - Sample, Tasty Japanese Desserts

Special Nagomi Matcha Parfait

Located in the Time Travel Area, Wa Nagomi serves Japanese favorites like donburi and udon noodles.

A popular menu item is the Special Nagomi Matcha Parfait. The matcha pudding and mousse aren't overly sweet, pairing deliciously with the rich flavors of brown sugar and cream cheese. You can also find spoonfuls of shiratama (rice flour dumplings) inside, making this dessert satisfying to the eyes and stomach.


Around 6,400 roses made out of lights are right outside Wa Nagomi. Enjoy the colorful illumination while savoring your meal!

Star Light - Enjoy Some Drinks


If you want to enjoy a drink with your food, we recommend Star Light in the Twinkle Mega Tree Area. You can order the Star Light craft beer—an Oi Racecourse-exclusive beverage.

Premium Assorted Meat Plate with 5 Varieties

If you're celebrating a special occasion, order three of their original craft beers and the premium assorted meat plate. The dish contains bacon, sausage, beefsteak, grilled pork, and fried chicken wings.

Immerse Yourself in a World of Lights


As the venue for Tokyo Mega Illumination is a race track, it is spacious and provides a relaxed sightseeing experience compared to other places in Tokyo. The accessibility also makes the event perfect to visit after a day of exploring the bustling city.

Grab some delicious food, and enjoy a fun-filled night in Tokyo!

Tokyo Mega Illumination Website:

Oi Racecourse

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Written by Manabu Nakagawa
Photos by Karin Hirokawa
Sponsored by TOKYOTOKEIBA Co., Ltd.

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