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Kanagawa borders Tokyo and is home to many natural wonders and amazing cityscapes. Here you will find Yokohama, a city with its own unique history including a Chinatown and great gourmet cuisine; Kawasaki, home to one of the most visited shrines in Japan; Hakone, a historical hot spring town and site of an active volcano; and Kamakura, with its numerous temples and shrines, not to mention the Great Buddha statue and stunning bamboo forest too.

Kanagawa is also a great day trip spot - there are plenty of mountains, nature trails, and beaches to visit, not to mention the seasonal festivals that fill the calendar here every year. Plus, being an ocean-facing prefecture, the fresh seafood available throughout Kanagawa is delicious - with tuna and whitebait being two of their most famous products. If you’re feeling worn out after the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, a trip to Kanagawa is sure to refresh your spirit.