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Quickly exchange foreign currency while on the move! Introducing foreign currency exchange offices in stations

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Cashless payments are becoming more common in Japan, but there are still some places where cards cannot be used and cash is required, so we recommend that you prepare cash. However, it would be a waste of time to search for a foreign currency exchange office. The Viewcard Currency Exchange Center, o...

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Features of "Viewcard Currency Exchange Center"

Great location with excellent access

Conveniently located inside the station, we are open all year round.

We handle a wide range of 31 currencies

You can exchange foreign currencies (31 types) into yen and yen into foreign currencies (31 types).

*Only paper currency is accepted.

*Credit cards are not accepted.

A reliable foreign currency exchange

This is a foreign currency exchange office operated jointly by JR East Group's Viewcard Co., Ltd. and the global foreign currency exchange company Travelex Japan Co., Ltd. Even if it's your first trip to Japan, you can exchange money with peace of mind.

Where is the Viewcard Currency Exchange Center?

The Viewcard Currency Exchange Center are easily accessible and can be found at JR Shinjuku Station, JR Shinagawa Station, JR Ikebukuro Station, JR Fujisawa Station, JR Omiya Station, and Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station.

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What currencies can be exchanged?

We handle a wide range of 31 currencies!

You can exchange US dollars, Canadian dollars, euros, Hong Kong dollars, Chinese yuan, British pound, Danish krone, Czech koruna, Hungarian forint, Polish zloty, Russian ruble, Singapore dollars, Taiwanese dollars, Mexican pesos, Indonesian rupiahs, Malaysian ringgits, Philippine pesos, Norwegian kroner, Pacific francs, Swiss francs, Saudi Arabian riyals, South African rands, UAE dirhams, Vietnamese dong, New Zealand dollars, Brazilian reals, Swedish krona, Fiji dollars, Thai baht, Australian dollars, and Korean won.

*Depending on store inventory and foreign exchange market conditions, we may not be able to provide the currency, denomination, or amount you requested.

*As of April 2024, we have suspended exchanges from Saudi Arabian riyals to Japanese yen, Russian rubles to Japanese yen, and Japanese yen to Russian rubles.

When will you need cash while traveling in Japan?

We will introduce some examples so that you can use them as a reference for your trip to Japan. *Cards may also be accepted in some cases.

Coin laundry

Coin laundries are convenient for long-term stays, but you may need cash (100 yen coins).

Ramen shop

At some ramen shops, you can purchase the items you want to order from a ticket machine and pay in advance. Some ticket machines only accept cash.

Shrines and temples

When visiting shrines and temples, it is customary to offer cash as an offering. Also, cards may not be accepted for paying admission fees, purchasing fortune slips, or purchasing amulets.

Small bars and restaurants

Some smaller bars and traditional restaurants do not accept cards.

Local Tourism

When traveling in regional areas, public transportation, shops, etc. may not accept cards, so we recommend bringing cash with you when traveling in regional areas.

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Viewcard Co.,Ltd., as a member of the JR East Group, operates the Viewcard Currency Exchange Center within the easily accessible station premises to improve the convenience of customers using the station. Viewcard Currency Exchange Center provides currency exchange services such as "Foreign Currency to Yen" and "Yen to Foreign Currency", and is available not only to Viewcard members, but also to foreign visitors to Japan and customers departing from Japan. It is also widely used. We are conveniently located inside the station and are open seven days a week, so please come and visit us at your convenience, such as on your way home from work or after shopping!

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