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Western Japan’s Great Metropolitan Area of Osaka

Western Japan’s great metropolitan area of Osaka is the hub of the Kansai region, prospering as a center of commerce throughout history. This is a very lively city, brimming with energy from the people who live here.

Osaka’s appeal lies in its uniqueness and spontaneity. Restaurant and shops with billboards of huge crab, sushi, and other jumbo signs line the area of Dotonbori, overwhelming its visitors. Neighboring Dotonbori is Shinsaibashi, a shopping street filled with all types of shopping, from department stores to drug stores, selling everything imaginable. By going to Tsutenkaku and the Shinsekai areas concentrated with even more local stores, restaurants, and bars, you will gain a deeper sense of Osaka. Tourists wanting to get in touch with history should see Osaka Castle, towering in the central part of the city.

One thing not to miss is the gourmet scene here. Osaka is known as the town of “kuidaore,” meaning “eat until you drop,” and houses many high quality food and drink establishments. We highly suggest you indulge in the local dishes of Osaka, like takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and kushikatsu, to your heart’s content. At the excitement-filled Kuromon Ichiba Market, snack on fresh seafood and fruits as you take a stroll.

Last but not least, Osaka is a very friendly city. Please enjoy chatting with local residents here while experiencing this unique part of Japan.

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