【TOKYU HANDS ×MATCHA】Special Series Project


No.0 Tokyu Hands Special Movie

No.1 A Complete Guide to TOKYU HANDS – Facts You Didn’t Know

【TOKYU HANDS ×MATCHA】Special Series Project“It’s about time to go get that!”When they have a certain object in mind, many people would immediately think of “Tokyu Hands”. Tokyu Hands is famous brand with many fans in and out of Japan. However, there might still be people who do not know what kind of place it is. We will introduce you to the charm of Tokyu Hands. We hope you enjoy our “Complete Guide to Tokyu Hands”. >> Read More

No.2 Why You Should Go To TOKYU HANDS – A Place That Is Always Fun

【TOKYU HANDS ×MATCHA】Special Series ProjectTokyu Hands is a place where you can buy almost anything. Some people visit there every week, others stop by every once in a while. Every individual can enjoy it in the way e or she likes most. By the way, have you ever been curious about why others go to Tokyu Hands?  Today we interviewed some visitors and asked for their frank answers. >> Read More

No.3 Finding “Bits of Japan All Under 1000 yen” at TOKYU HANDS

【TOKYU HANDS ×MATCHA】Special Series ProjectWashoku, Kimono, Anime, Manga, Wabi-Sabi, Kawaii… Japanese culture which takes root in the traditional “Wa Spirit” has become popular all around the world, and the number of tourists visiting Japan is increasing every year. It’s not surprising that many of these visitors wish to bring the Japanese culture back home and incorporate the Wa spirit into their own lives. If you are a fan of Japanese culture, why not go to Tokyu Hands? Tokyu Hands is well known for its lineup of daily goods and craft tools, but they actually have plenty of “take-out Japanese culture” items in their stores. >> Read More

No.4 Have a Nice Trip! 7 Travel Goods of “hands+Travel” in TOKYU HANDS

【TOKYU HANDS ×MATCHA】Special Series ProjectThe Japanese like useful items. They created stationery items that are easy to use, convenient kitchen goods and cleaning items that are very inspired. These goods are popular with travelers from other countries. There are many convenient items in “TOKYU HANDS”. The “hands+” series is especially popular. >> Read More

No.5 Pop & Unique 5 Japanese Items at TOKYU HANDS to Take as Souvenirs

【TOKYU HANDS ×MATCHA】Special Series ProjectWhat would you relate to the idiom “Made in Japan”? Vehicles? Authentic bags? Or maybe stationery? There are many “high-quality” or “easy-to-use” products in Japan, but that’s not all we are proud of. Creating an object that is a bit weird and at the same time attractive is our specialty. This time we introduce a selection of unique and pop “Japanese” items from Tokyu Hands. >> Read More

No.6 “Trying and Choosing Japanese Stationery is a Delight” Stationery Sommelier Misato Kan and TOKYU HANDS

【TOKYU HANDS ×MATCHA】Special Series ProjectTokyu Hands has a wide assortment of objects that attract people. In this post, we interview Ms. Misato Kan, who works as a “Stationery Sommelier”. Ms. Kan appears often at stationery related media and events, introducing “stationery that makes our days exciting” both through presentations and her website. >> Read More

No.7 A Selection of 5 Highest Quality Products Made in Japan from Tokyu Hands

【TOKYU HANDS ×MATCHA】Special Series ProjectTokyu Hands has a wide assortment of objects that attract people. What do you relate to the idiom “Made in Japan”? Because you came all the way to Japan, you would like to buy something special for yourself, right? In Tokyu Hands, there are thousands of authentic Japanese goods made with the high technological skills of Japan. >> Rea