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Unforgettable Views and Food in Nyuzen and Asahi, Toyama

Unforgettable Views and Food in Nyuzen and Asahi, Toyama

Translated by Ken

Written by MATCHA-PR

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From cherry blossoms to tulip fields, Asahi is a photogenic town in Toyama with beautiful scenery visible in all seasons. For nature lovers, the Sawasugi cedar forest in Nyuzen will immerse you in a fantasy world. This article will feature both the scenery and food in Asahi and Nyuzen!

Snap Photos of the Stunning Spring Scenery!

If you're looking to find photogenic views, visit Asahi and Nyuzen in Toyama Prefecture. These towns are home to the emerald green river of Kurobe Gorge and the famous Unazuki Onsen in northern Kurobe.

The flower fields are also stunning in the springtime! In Asahi, you can find the Funakawa Spring Quartet, while the Flower Road in Nyuzen is one of Japan's largest tulip fields.

Visit Toyama during the spring to see stunning natural scenery in the warm sunshine.

Asahi Funakawa Spring Quartet: A Photogenic Landscape That Will Capture Your Heart

Asahi Funakawa Spring Quartet

Picture courtesy of Asahimachi

Asahi Funakawa Spring Quartet has been gaining popularity for its dreamlike scenery.

This harmonious landscape is famed for its snowy Northern Alps and riverside cherry blossom trees, as well as colorful tulips and yellow nanohana flowers.

Asahi Funakawa Spring Quartet Nighttime Cherry Blossom Viewing

Picture courtesy of Asahimachi
When night falls, you can marvel at the starry sky and cherry blossom trees illuminated in the dusk.

Asahi Funakawa Spring Quartet

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Nyuzen Flower Road: A Tulip Field Bursting With Two Million Flowers

Nyuzen Flower Road

Picture courtesy of Nyuuzenmachi

Nyuzen Flower Road is one of Japan's largest tulip fields, with over two million tulips blooming in a six-hectare field!

Every spring, the area bursts into a multitude of colors. The sea of tulips is a stunning sight to behold.

The snowy climate and easy drainage of the land have made Nyuzen ideal for growing tulips for over 80 years. At its peak, over 300 people worked in the fields. Several new varieties were also developed during this time.

*Since tulips are vulnerable to pests and are unsuited for replanting, the Flower Road is held at a different field each year. Check the official website for the proper location.

The official website for Nyuzen Flower Road: (Japanese)

Hisui Coast: Search for Jade Stones

翡翠海岸 翡翠原石

The Miyazaki-Sakai Beach in Asahi is also known as the Hisui Coast. This name was coined because jade stones, or "hisui" in Japanese, are scattered along the coast. This sandy beach is one of the few places in the world where visitors can find jade stones washed on the shore.

In fact, jade artifacts were discovered at nearby ancient ruins, making this area a center of jade culture in Japan.

During our visit, we were blessed with beautiful weather while looking out onto the vast sea. The sunlight glistening on the emerald blue waves was admittedly stunning.

Jade Stone from Hisui Coast

Local residents often come by the beach to play in the water and collect jade stones.

Aren't sure whether the stones you collect are jade? Then visit Hisui Terrace to have them examined!

Toyama Travel Guide: Unforgettable Views And Food Of Nyuzen And Asahi

Picture courtesy of Asahimachi

Hisui Terrace is a stylish building located right near the shore. The spectacular ocean view is visible from the rooftop and inside the building. Visitors looking for a place to rest are welcome to stop by. Equipped with shower rooms and a kitchen, Hisui Terrace is also great for holding events and parties.

Hisui Terrace

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Sugisawa Cedar Forest: Otherworldly Scenery Straight Out of an Anime

Tourist Attractions in Toyama

Upon hearing the word "cedar," you may imagine tall trees deep inside a mountain forest. But the cedar forest at Nyuzen offers a different experience entirely.

Officially called Sugisawa-no-Sawasugi, this dense cedar forest grows near the coast, on land flowing with streams. In fact, the forest is a natural monument of Japan because it's the only cedar forest on flat land with natural spring water.

Unexplored Regions of Toyama

Unlike regular cedars, the sawasugi cedars have thin trunks. Since they cannot support themselves under the weight of snow, their trunks break and fall to the ground. However, new roots will grow from these fallen trunks, a process known as natural regeneration.

Although Nyuzen has a snowy climate, the spring water keeps a moderate temperature year-round. This makes it possible for a variety of plants to thrive. It's no wonder the Sugisawa cedar forest—a natural botanical garden—is popular among nature lovers.

Want to learn more about the flora and fauna of the forest? Visit the Sawasugi Cedars Nature Museum! You will better understand the scarcity and diversity of sawasugi cedars.

Additionally, you can get an amazing view of the Tateyama Mountain Range from the museum roof.

Magical Princess World

If you venture out on an early winter morning, you'll see mist shrouding the lake and cloaking the forest in a mystical atmosphere. The Sawasugi cedar forest is a great place to enjoy an otherworldly view without hiking up a mountain.

Sugisawa Cedar Forest and Sawasugi Cedars Nature Museum

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Discover Tasty Local Cuisine!

Local cuisine is a gateway to understanding a region's culture. Featuring regional ingredients, enjoying dishes that are carefully prepared by local residents will surely warm your heart.

Savor Bata-Bata Tea Inside a Historic Building

Bata-Bata Tea from Asahi

Passed down through the centuries, bata-bata tea (or "batabata-cha") is a fermented black tea originating from Asahi. It is made by pouring the black tea into a large "gorohachi" teacup and whisking it with a bamboo tea whisk.

The foam adds a creamy texture and subtle sweetness to the beverage.

Bata-Bata Tea Workshop

While most bata-bata tea are sold as souvenirs, you can try it for free at Kyu-Kawakami House.

Kyu-Kawakami House is a reconstruction of the oldest "machiya" townhouse in Toyama Prefecture.

Bata-Bata Tea from Asahi

Sit down by the hearth and savor a hot cup of bata-bata tea while conversing with locals. Be prepared to lose track of time relaxing in the building's cozy atmosphere.

Kyu-Kawakami House

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Cod Soup: Warm Up With a Simple and Delicious Bowl

Cod Soup Sakae Shokudo

Cod soup is a staple dish in Asahi. Typically enjoyed by fishers, the preparing the dish requires a whole cut of cod cooked in a pot with miso (*).

The simple flavors soon became a local favorite, and the dish was even featured in a popular Japanese TV show.

The town of Asahi even has a street lined with shops serving cod soup.

*Miso: a paste made from fermented soybeans

Cod Soup Sakae Shokudo
Cod Soup Sakae Shokudo

Bowl of cod soup for 800 yen
For over 40 years, Sakae Shokudo has been the go-to restaurant for locals, serving cod soup among a plethora of menu options. The fish is tender and the refreshing broth has a hint of sweetness.

Sakae Shokudo

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Kakinohoshi: Savor High-Quality Oysters

Recommended Dishes from Asahi

Although oysters are a great source of minerals and zinc, many are reluctant to consume them raw. If you feel that way, we recommend heading to Kakinohoshi in Nyuzen.

Entering the restaurant, you will find oyster tanks filled with deep-sea water from Toyama Bay. Next to the eatery, there is a purification center where oysters caught nationwide are cleaned in seawater for two days.

Circulating ocean water through the oysters removes viruses and bacteria that cause food poisoning. At Kakinohoshi, the oysters are handled with stricter criteria than the government's regulations. This is to ensure that the shellfish can be enjoyed as safely as possible.

Recommended Dishes from Asahi

Kakinohoshi set meal for 3,500 yen (before tax)

Kakinohoshi offers a variety of oyster dishes.

We ordered the Kakinohoshi set meal pictured above. It comes with grilled, steamed, and raw oysters with a side of oyster miso soup, oyster rice, scallop, and turban shell.

The fresh clams and turban shell have great texture and are full of umami flavor!

Recommended Dishes from Asahi

We recommend tasting these high-quality oysters when visiting Nyuzen. At Kakinohoshi, you'll be served a selection of seasonal oysters from across Japan.

When we tryied a plate of Pacific oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture, the texture and rich seafood flavor made them a delicious treat.

Cleaning Oysters With Deep Ocean Water

Don't forget to stop by the neighboring souvenir shop run by the town's fishery coop. Free of charge, you can try four different types of salt water: groundwater from Nyuzen, deep-sea water, desalinated deep-sea water, and 1.5 times concentrated deep-sea water.

The desalinated seawater has an easy aftertaste. For 100 yen (tax included), you can try a cup of coffee brewed with this water. Surprisingly, the caffeinated drink is sweet and smooth on the palate.


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Toyama: Book Your Spring Vacation at Asahi and Nyuzen

The towns of Asahi and Nyuzen in Toyama are ideal locations to experience spring. You'll enjoy the best scenic landscapes, from the deep blue waters of Hisui Coast to photogenic flower fields, all while savoring high-quality seafood.

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Written by Miho & Lin
Main image courtesy of Asahimachi

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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