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High-Quality Seafood to Savor at Home! Canned Fish Products by Takagi Shoten

High-Quality Seafood to Savor at Home! Canned Fish Products by Takagi Shoten

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Easily accessible from Tokyo, Choshi Harbor boasts the largest fish catches in Japan. Takagi Shoten offers this fresh seafood as flavorful, high-quality canned products. We introduce some of the excellent seafood products made by Takagi Shoten.

Choshi - The Number One Fishing Harbor in Japan

Choshi is about a two-hour ride from Tokyo on the express train Shiosai. This city in Chiba Prefecture is located at the east end of the Kanto region. While easily accessible from Tokyo, it's often overlooked by people visiting the region.


Photo by Pixta

The Inubosaki Lighthouse is a landmark of Choshi. As it's one of Japan's 16 climbable lighthouses, you can make your way up to the 25-meter-high observatory. From there, you will see the ocean sprawling to your left and right! Just be careful if you visit on one of the region's many windy days.

Another popular attraction is the Choshi Electric Railway, which runs between Choshi Station and Tokawa Station. You will want to take this train to Inubo Station when you visit the lighthouse. The cute design of the train makes for a great photo!


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Choshi is a popular travel destination, but it is especially well known for its delicious seafood. This is thanks to none other than Choshi Harbor, the number-one fishing harbor in Japan.

Choshi is at the converging point of the cold Oyashio current and the warm Kuroshio current. With a large variety of local fish, the city has a long history as a prosperous fishing center.


The shops inside Inubo Terasu Terrace

Next to Choshi, the city of Kamisu in Ibaraki Prefecture is home to Takagi Shoten, a company making high quality canned seafood. Located near Choshi Harbor, Takagi Shoten prepares their canned foods using fresh seafood bought straight from the harbor.

Takagi Shoten - Preserving the Season's Flavors


We talked to Toshikazu Takagi, the managing director of Takagi Shoten. Born and raised in Kamisu, Mr. Takagi grew up eating fish.

Having taken over the family business, Mr. Takagi continues the tradition of making delicious canned seafood.

"Normally, canned food manufacturers buy pre-frozen fish from a third-party company. But we at Takagi Shoten use our proximity to the harbor and freezing technology to supply our own fish. Thanks to our location, we are able to make uniquely delicious products."

The canned seafood made by Takagi Shoten consists of truly luxurious products.


Frozen fish (inside the factory)

"Because the taste of fish changes throughout the year, we buy fish during their prime season and preserve them by freezing. During our busiest season, we buy up to several hundred tons a day."

This is all only possible thanks to the freezing facilities owned by the company. By buying during the best seasons and careful preservation, Takagi Shoten is able to package the rich flavors of seafood throughout the year.


For the last ten years, Takagi Shoten has also been making in-house products. What started as limited items sold at gift shops became regular products stocked at supermarkets everywhere.

Recommended Canned Fish Products


Takagi Shoten has a large following of long-time fans. At times they even receive calls from customers just wanting to say how tasty the products are and expressing their support.

We asked Mr. Takagi for his recommendations on the best cans for first-time customers!

Mackerel With Welsh Onions - A Long-Time Bestseller


The first in-house product that Takagi Shoten released was canned mackerel with welsh onions. The company's best-selling item, it comes in three flavors: soy sauce, salt, and miso.

According to Mr. Takagi, one of its main appeals is that the welsh onions and mackerel are cooked together. Every can includes two stalks of welsh onions that have been simmered to a pulp. The fatty cut of mackerel is delicately flavored by the onions, making it a savory treat.

The welsh onions are supplied from local farms. Takagi Shoten's commitment to seasonal flavors extends to every ingredient in their products!

The miso flavor is Mr. Takagi's personal favorite, while the salt flavor is a great snack to pair with alcoholic drinks. On the other hand, the canned mackerel with welsh onions is a complete side dish that can be enjoyed just by heating and serving.

Mackerel With Welsh Onions: 367 yen (after tax)

Grilled Sardine Ajillo - Enjoy with a Drink


In addition to standard canned foods, Takagi Shoten makes canned food that makes the perfect snack to have with a drink. One such product is the grilled sardine ajillo. After being grilled, the sardines are flavored with soy sauce to give the dish a Japanese spin.

The seasonal, fatty sardines are cooked in extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, and red peppers.

The sardines don't have a fishy smell, and we would recommend this ajillo to anyone not used to canned seafood. Heat it up to enhance the savory flavors.

Grilled Sardine Ajillo: 248 yen (after tax)

A Limited Exclusive! Morning-Catch Mackerel - Plain or Miso-Flavored


If you're looking for a gift, Mr. Takagi highly recommends the morning-catch mackerel. The mackerel is canned on the same day it was caught. It's a product only possible due to Takagi Shoten's close proximity to Choshi Harbor.


Even in comparison to other products by Takagi Shoten, this mackerel is especially soft and flavorful. Because they can only be made during the prime mackerel season, these cans are sold only from November to January.

The best way to appreciate the morning-catch mackerel is to eat it straight out of the can. However, you can also enjoy it in a hot pot or even a salad.

Morning-catch Mackerel (190g): 313 yen (after tax)

Excellent with Sake! Grilled Mackerel with Smoked Salt and Oil Sauce


The latest product by Takagi Shoten is the grilled mackerel with smoked salt and oil, another snack that goes great with drinks.

Largest among their many canned mackerels, the cuts used in these cans are simmered in a smokey salt and oil sauce. With the first bite, the mackerel's exceptional flavor will fill your mouth.

At Takagi Shoten, product development is centered around the sales division. With each new product, the whole company participates in taste testing. The mackerel with smoked salt and oil was particularly popular among the staff. Mr. Takagi also voiced his praise. We recommend giving their new product a try.

Grilled Mackerel with Smoked Salt and Oil Sauce: 320 yen (after tax)

Inubo Terasu Terrace - Enjoy the Ocean View


Inubo Terasu Terrace, which is located next to the Inubosaki Lighthouse, is one of the places where you can find canned seafood from Takagi Shoten. Opened in 2018, the facility is bright and spacious. The terrace includes a gift shop area, a bakery, and a cafe. It's a great place to take a rest during your travels.


Make your way up to the second floor for a beautiful ocean view. Relax on the hammock-inspired seating with friends and spend a wonderful time by the ocean.


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Takagi Shoten - Savor Quality Flavors at Home

Choshi is a fun travel destination with incredible views of the ocean! If you prefer to savor fresh local dishes during your trip, you can wait until you return home to purchase Takagi Shoten's canned products online! They make great side dishes or tasty treats at home.

Open one of the excellent cans from Takagi Shoten and it will instantly remind you of the beauty of Choshi Harbor.

Written by Yuriko Kikuchi
In cooperation with Takagi Shoten, Inubo Terasu Terrace
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