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SOU・SOU Childrenswear: Cute, Colorful, and Completely Adorable!

Japan's iconic and distinctive SOU・SOU clothing brand not only creates fun, innovative and colorful fashion for adults, but it also has a fantastic kids' line! These adorable items are not to be missed out on!


Kyoto-based fashion and lifestyle brand SOU・SOU is known for its distinctive style, which combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern, comfortable, and fun designs! This particular combination of old and new has created a wholly unique brand identity and style.

SOU・SOU Childrenswear: Cute, Colorful and Completely Adorable!

Pictures courtesy of SOU・SOU

SOU・SOU's fun and practical approach to fashion is perfect for kids' clothing, and they have a huge childrenswear range!

Their designs are colorful and adorable, but are also comfortable and incredibly practical. From Japanese yukata-inspired style to their modern take on tabi split-toed shoes, we introduce five of our absolute favorite categories in the kids' range!

SOU・SOU Childrenswear Collection 2022

1. Kids' Summer Collection

SOU SOU Childrenswear

Pictures courtesy of SOU・SOU

SOU・SOU’s summer range is perfect for staying cool and comfortable in the heat! Using light and breathable materials like chijimi cotton, inspired by traditional Japanese summer wear, and coming in bright and fun colors, their children’s summer collection is perfect for any kid's summer wardrobe!

SOU・SOU Kid's Summer Collection

Kids Yukata and Jinbei Sets

SOU SOU Childrenswear

Pictures courtesy of SOU・SOU

Yukata and jinbei are traditional summer classics in Japan, and SOU・SOU's selection for kids is absolutely beautiful and adorable!

Yukata are similar in design to kimono, but much lighter and easier to wear. This kids' summer range includes simple yukata that are especially comfortable and easy to wear. They are made from traditional Isemomen cotton, a soft type of cotton that is perfect for delicate skin, and gets softer the more it’s washed!

The beautiful designs have been printed using Kyoto’s exquisite traditional Yuzen-style printing.

SOU・SOU Kids' Yukata

The two-piece jinbei sets are so comfortable and easy to move around in! The kimono-style top and loose bottoms are the perfect combination of style and comfort! They’re also made using Isemomen cotton and Yuzen-style printing, and feature stunning bright prints!

SOU・SOU Kid's Jinbei


SOU SOU Childrenswear

Pictures courtesy of SOU・SOU

SOU・SOU's colorful kids’ summer T-shirt range is made from light cotton and features so many fun prints! The square-necked design is inspired by a traditional Japanese garment known as a hifu, which in the late Edo Period (1603-1868) was worn by masters in cultural arts such as tea ceremony and haiku poetry.

The prints include animals, colorful number designs, and an absolutely adorable traditional wagashi (Japanese sweets) print featuring Japan's famous flower and bunny-shaped traditional sweets!

SOU・SOU Kids' T-Shirts


SOU SOU Childrenswear

Pictures courtesy of SOU・SOU

SOU・SOU's colorful range of bottoms includes comfy kids’ short pants, which are super easy to move around in. They’re made from Isemomen cotton and feature traditional Yuzen-style printing.

Thanks to the colorful patch pockets and adorable designs such as cars and bright SOU SU numbers, the kids are sure to love them!

SOU・SOU Kids’ Short Pants

The cute and colorful skirts have three light layers and are made to be cool in warm weather. They’re made from both Isemomen and chijimi cotton, and the elasticated waistbands mean that they’re really comfortable and easy to wear!

SOU・SOU Kids’ Skirts

2. Colorful Tops and Dresses

SOU SOU Childrenswear

Pictures courtesy of SOU・SOU

The fun range of colorful tops include distinctive rectangular designs, inspired by traditional kantoui tunics from the Yayoi period (300 BC - 250 AD). These light tops are comfortable and really easy to wear.

They’re made from chijimi cotton, a traditional Japanese cotton that is cool, absorbent, and perfect for hot weather. The bright Yuzen-printed designs and colorful patch pockets make this item a fun addition to a summer wardrobe!

SOU・SOU Kids’ Tops

The cute one-piece dresses are based on hitotsumi, one-piece kimonos made especially for kids. This easy-to-wear item is made from soft Isemomen cotton and features Yuzen-style printing. Each dress has a beautiful print and cute details such as a waist ribbon!

SOU・SOU Kids’ One-Piece Dresses

3. Tabi and Split-Toe Footwear

SOU SOU Childrenswear

Pictures courtesy of SOU・SOU

SOU・SOU is well known for its iconic and innovative tabi (split-toe) shoes, and their kids’ tabi shoes come in a vast range of adorable colors and designs!

These high-quality shoes have been handcrafted using traditional techniques. They feature three small hook fasters, and the high tops can be folded down to display the colorful lining and change the style of the shoes!

SOU・SOU Kids’ Tabi - Split-toe footwear

4. Rain Ponchos and Umbrellas

SOU SOU Childrenswear

Pictures courtesy of SOU・SOU

This cute children's rainwear range has been made in collaboration with Taiwan's 7-Eleven Good Choices line, and it features colorful SOU SU number designs.

SOU・SOU Kids’ Umbrellas

The rain ponchos come in bright yellow and blue, and are comfortable and easy to wear. The adorable hand-printed designs will bring a splash of color to any gray rainy day!

SOU・SOU Kids’ Rain Ponchos

5. Gifts for Newborns

SOU SOU Childrenswear

Pictures courtesy of SOU・SOU

SOU・SOU has a large range of clothing gift sets to celebrate new arrivals, including adorable baby poncho sets! These ponchos are made to last for a long time and can be worn by newborns right up to 3 years of age.

The super soft Isemomen cotton is perfect for a baby's delicate skin. These charming gift sets also include little tabi socks and a cute soft toy!

SOU・SOU Birth Celebration Gifts

Brighten up Your Kids' Wardrobes With a Pop of Color!

For anyone looking for cute, unique, and comfortable clothing for their kids, SOU・SOU's children's range offers no shortage of great options that will be loved by kids and parents alike!

SOU・SOU Online Shop

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