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Stylish Japanese Stationery: 5 Selected Items From SOU・SOU

From exquisite ballpoint pens to beautifully designed notebooks, SOU・SOU offers a wonderful lineup of stationery items. Their unique Japanese style and aesthetics will have you reaching for your favorite stationery to remind you of your Japan! 

Japanese stationery is known for being high quality, affordable and stylish in its design. SOU・SOU brings together all of these ideas into their lineup of simple yet stylish stationery. From ballpoint pens with bright pops of color to masking tape that can beautify any item, SOU・SOU has you covered.

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SOU・SOU Online Shop

We've selected five types of SOU・SOU stationery that we highly recommend.

1. Fun and Easy to Write With! Ballpoint Gel Pens

SOU・SOU - 5 Stationery Items With a Uniquely Japanese Sense of Style

Created in collaboration with renowned stationery company Koukyou, this ballpoint gel pen is a great addition to any pencil case and comes in a variety of colors.

Using a 0.5mm tip, it is perfect for writing on any surface and actually makes a great travel pen for anyone looking to carry a stylish piece of Japanese stationery on all their adventures.

Ballpoint Gel Pens from SOU・SOU

2. So Many Colorful Designs! iPhone Cases

SOU・SOU - 5 Stationery Items With a Uniquely Japanese Sense of Style

SOU・SOU offers a wide variety of cases for iPhone users in the 11, 12, and 13 series. The cases come in a number of styles including their new owl design that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Each of the cases comes in both a colored and clear version, which means you have the flexibility to show off your smartphone's color or keep it hidden.

iPhone Cases by SOU・SOU

3. Textile Masking Tape with Gorgeous Designs

Stylish Japanese Stationery: 5 Selected Items From SOU・SOU

Masking tape made with colorful Japanese paper has an endless number of uses whether it comes to decorating notebooks or adding pops of color to letters and notes. SOU・SOU has a number of unique print styles to suit any design challenge.

From wide tapes that can be used to decorate packages to thin tapes for making lines and margins, SOU・SOU's tapes make great presents for any stationery fan.

Textile Masking Tape

4. Beautiful Diary Notebooks

SOU・SOU - 5 Stationery Items With a Uniquely Japanese Sense of Style

SOU・SOU will have you picking up your diary every chance you get thanks to their chrysanthemum and floral patterns. These diaries feature lined pages as well as ribbon bookmarks that compliment the covers.

The textured cloth cover also feels great in the hands and makes for a lovely item on a home desk or wherever you choose to journal.

Diary Notebooks by SOU・SOU

5. Notebooks That Are Fun to Use

SOU・SOU - 5 Stationery Items With a Uniquely Japanese Sense of Style

Iconic notebook maker CAMPUS is a staple of any Japanese stationery pack and together with SOU・SOU they now come in a variety of beautiful patterns and designs to suit any taste.

These notebooks are available in A6, A5, and B5 sizes; you can choose a size that's just right for you. Add to that a choice of lined or grid styles and they can handle just about any task that requires writing in a notebook.

Notebooks designed by SOU・SOU

Excellent Stationery - Now Even Easier to Get

SOU・SOU - 5 Stationery Items With a Uniquely Japanese Sense of Style

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SOU・SOU Online Shop

All pictures courtesy of SOU・SOU

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