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Just 3,980 Yen! GTN Care: Multi-Lingual Lifestyle Support, SIM Cards, and Insurance

GTN Care is a multi-lingual support service for foreign nationals residing in Japan. It offers lifestyle support, hospital translation services, SIM cards for smartphones, and insurance. The service is ideal for newly arrived residents in Japan.

GTN Care: A Lifestyle Support Service for Foreign Residents in Japan

GTN Care is a lifestyle support service for foreign residents in Japan. For only 3,980 yen per month, users can utilize various services such as general lifestyle guidance, insurance, and translation support. GTN MOBILE, a cellphone service for foreign residents, also provides SIM cards.

When living abroad, there can be unexpected problems. This is where GTN Care can come in handy. The service offers guidance in everyday life and support when difficult situations occur.

It is especially ideal for overseas students in Japan, and also residents who are not fluent in Japanese. Read on to learn more about the service!

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1. GTN Assistants

GTN Care: A Multi-Lingual Service Offering Lifestyle Support, SIM Cards, and Insurance for 3980 Yen!

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GTN Assistants is a multi-lingual app that supports the daily life of foreign nationals. It is available 24 hours a day year-round (*1).

When living in Japan, people must submit papers to the local government and look for a place to reside. The process requires a certain level of Japanese proficiency, which GTN can provide.

GTN Assistants has a chat function (*2) where users can ask questions and request translations in various situations. It can also be used to look up the news, weather forecast, original GTN articles, and hospital searches.

The app allows the user to quickly get information in their native language. If you've recently arrived in Japan, we suggest trying this service.

*1: Translations at hospitals are not available from 21:00 until 10:00 the next morning. Only English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese, French, Mongolian, Nepali, Burmese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai are available.

*2: The chat function is available from 10:00 to 21:00, except on New Year's holidays.


Mobile Phone

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GTN MOBILE is a cellphone service for foreign nationals in Japan. Applying for a mobile phone in Japan can be difficult for non-natives. Common reasons relate to their authorized length of stay, credit cards, and communication barriers.

A GTN MOBILE SIM card will be included in the GTN Care package for as little as 3,980 yen per month!

The monthly capacity is 7 GB of data and domestic phone calls under ten minutes are free. The service is cost-effective since it runs on a high-quality 5G network with multi-lingual support.

3. Insurance

Just 3,980 Yen! GTN Care: Multi-Lingual Lifestyle Support, SIM Cards, and Insurance

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GTN Care has a contract with an insurance company that offers accident insurance to users.

The package covers the cost of injury, hospitalization, surgeries, and liability compensation. Insurance money will be paid in case of accidental death or residual injury. This compensation can cover risks such as injuries and unforeseen troubles while living in Japan.

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Applying for GTN Care should make life in Japan more comfortable with its general lifestyle guidance, SIM cards, and insurance services.

The service is also recommended for foreign nationals who have resided in Japan for a while and are considering renewing their insurance or cellphone contracts.

GTN offers a wide array of services for foreign residents, so please check them out.

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