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GTN Internet Service: Connecting Online In Japan With English Support

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If you live, study, or are staying long-term in Japan, which Internet service provider do you choose to get online? Foreign residents favor GTN for its English and multilingual support. This article explains the different types of high-speed Internet services and the perks of signing up with GTN.

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Sign Up for Internet With GTN! Preferred by Foreign Residents in Japan

Are you living, studying, or staying long-term in Japan? Getting online at home is perhaps the most essential step to have when living abroad. However, it's challenging to know which Internet service provider (ISP) to sign up with. People may also be anxious about filling out an application in Japanese and a lack of English support during their contracts.

In these cases, we recommend signing up for Internet with GTN MOBILE (GTN). GTN (Global Trust Network) offers mobile and Wi-Fi services to non-Japanese residents. The official website is available in seven languages—Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, and Indonesian—and has multilingual staff ready to respond to user inquiries.

Thanks to their reliable customer-support system, the company receives positive reviews from many non-Japanese residents who have used their services.

You can feel confident committing to a contract while receiving language support by signing up for Internet service with GTN. The types of Internet connection offered by GTN include a fiber-optic line or a Wi-Fi router (user-friendly Wi-Fi) with no configurations required. GTN users can also apply for the GTN EPOS credit card, which is extremely easy to use and comes with many advantages for foreign residents in Japan.

In this article, we'll introduce the types of Internet services provided by GTN, their features, and how to set up a contract.


GTN Epos Card: A Realiable Credit Card from GTN


Using GTN's internet or mobile service, you can apply for a GTN EPOS card. This card, exclusive to GTN users, is designed for the convenience of foreign residents in Japan.

There is no annual membership fee, and multilingual support is available. Applicants also receive 2,000 yen of EPOS points!

You can apply for GTN internet services and the GTN EPOS card simultaneously.

*GTN EPOS card is available for qualifying applicants.

GTN Internet (Fiber-Optic Line/User-Friendly Wi-Fi)

GTN As Your Internet Service Provider: Get Worry-Free Multilingual Support

Picture courtesy of GTN MOBILE

GTN’s Internet services use broadband Internet access from a major telecommunications carrier that is recognized for high-speed connectivity in Japan. Let’s take a look at the differences between a fiber-optic Internet connection and user-friendly Wi-Fi that connects with a wireless router.

For a fiber-optic connection, you must set up a fiber-optic line in your home. However, user-friendly Wi-Fi requires you to simply plug the router into an electrical outlet. Below is a table that displays the cost and Internet connectivity speeds.

Service Fiber-Optic Line User-Friendly Wi-Fi
Monthly Fee From 3,800 yen From 2,880 yen
Speed Max. 1 Gbps Max. 982 Mbps
Configuration Required Not required

Apply for Fiber-Optic Internet / User-Friendly Wi-Fi


1. Fiber-Optic Line

GTN As Your Internet Service Provider: Get Worry-Free Multilingual Support

This image is for reference only. Photo by Pixta

A fiber-optic line is an ultra-high-speed Internet service that uses fiber-optic cables and has a maximum speed of 1 Gbps. This is ideal for people who routinely watch videos, movies, and play online games.

Fees will vary on the type of residence, such as whether you live in a condominium or a single-family home, as displayed in the table below. If you happen to relocate, please note that you may have to re-install and configure your Internet network at the new residence.

Fiber-Optic Line
Apartment (2-Year Contract) 3,800 yen/month
Single-Family Home (2-Year Contract) 5,200 yen/month

*There is a separate contract administrative fee of 3,000 yen.

Recommended for:

  • Those who want high-speed Internet
  • Those who want to keep monthly expenses low
  • Those who won’t relocate for work or move
  • 2. User-Friendly Wi-Fi

    Setting up a cable Internet connection, such as a fiber-optic line, requires installation and configuration depending on your residence.

    However, GTN’s user-friendly Wi-Fi routers only require that it's plugged into an electrical outlet at your household. Even if you move, you can easily reconnect to the Internet by plugging your router into an outlet at your new home.

    You will be charged a separate rental fee for the Wi-Fi router in addition to the standard fee. Download speeds fall slightly behind the fiber-optic Internet at 962 Mbps, but it is adequate for daily usage.

    User-Friendly Wi-Fi
    Standard Fee 4,880 yen/month
    Router Rental Fee 490 yen/month
    Total 5,370 yen/month

    *There is a separate contract administrative fee of 3,000 yen. The special price for those aged 25 and under who have been living in Japan for over 38 months.

    Recommended for:

  • Those aged 25 and under who want to keep monthly expenses low
  • Those who may relocate for work or move
  • Those who have difficulties with Internet configurations and settings
  • Set Up a Contract: Apply in English and Get Great Deals!

    Contract With GTN For Internet! Get Worry-Free Multilingual Support

    Photo by Pixta
    To set up a contract with GTN, fill out and submit the form below with your full name, contact info, and language preference. You will shortly be contacted by a person in charge of your desired language. Even if you cannot speak Japanese, you can confidently sign a contract for Internet services.

    Do you already have a mobile contract with GTN? If so, you’ll get 5,000 yen cash back by setting up an Internet contract now. Additionally, sign up for a GTN credit card to receive up to 10,000 yen cash back.

    If you subscribe to both GTN's internet and mobile service, you can receive a monthly discount of 300 yen! Subscribers who pay for their GTN mobile service using their GTN credit card receive an additional 200 yen off.

    Take advantage of the cashback program and set up your Internet connection in Japan by snagging this great deal now!

    Apply for Fiber-Optic Internet / User-Friendly Wi-Fi


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