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Four scenic spots in Nishiizu! Exquisite scenery carefully selected by LOQUAT Nishiizu

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A trip around four scenic spots carefully selected by LOQUAT Nishiizu. The legend of love at Koibito Misaki, the fantastic scenery of Dogashima, the healing of Shuzenji hot spring town, and the magnificent nature of Irozaki. Let's enjoy the best scenery of the four seasons!

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Located on the Izu Peninsula, Nishi-Izu is a place of splendid nature and beautiful scenery, full of seasonal attractions. Here, we will introduce 4 scenic spots in Nishiizu that LOQUAT Nishiizu especially recommends.

Sacred place of love and superb view, Koibito Misaki

Koibito Misaki, as its name suggests, is a special place for lovers.

The charm of this area is undoubtedly the superb view, with one of the best views in Nishi-Izu . If you go along the promenade of about 700m, you can see the magnificent Mt. Fuji over Suruga Bay.

In addition, this place is not just for enjoying the superb view, but there are various legends and activities related to love. The "Love Call Bell" installed at the tip of the deck is a popular spot for lovers to make their vows of love . Legend has it that if lovers ring the bell while calling each other's names, their love will be fulfilled.

In addition, Koibito Misaki Stella House will issue a "Lovers Declaration Certificate" , which can be connected to a special chain to preserve the shape of the love between two people. These elements combine to make Koibito Misaki a place of special memories for lovers throughout the year.

Furthermore, when you visit Koibito Misaki, be sure to try the popular local souvenir, Izu Koibito Misaki no Kimidake Pudding” . This pudding is carefully made with no additives, using fresh egg yolks from Izu, special thick milk, and fresh cream, and is characterized by its mellow and rich taste. At first, you can enjoy the taste as it is, and from the middle, you can enjoy two different flavors by pouring the included caramel syrup.

Fantastic scenery created by nature, Dogashima

Next, I would like to introduce Dogashima , which boasts particularly beautiful scenery even within the Izu Peninsula. Here, there are various spectacular spots created by nature, such as Tensodo, Sanshiro Island, and Tombolo.

Among them, Tensodo Cave, which is Dogashima's representative scenic spot, is truly a masterpiece. Formed by wave erosion, this cave is also known as the “Japanese version of the blue cave,” and its interior shines blue under bright sunlight. Inside the cave, there is an opening that looks like a skylight, and the sunlight that pours through the opening shines into the seawater, creating a magical blue glow. If you take a pleasure boat, you can see this miraculous scenery up close. However, when there are no ships or when sea conditions are bad, you can look down on the cave from land.

Superb view of Shuzenji hot spring town

Shuzenji Onsen is a popular hot spring resort in Nishiizu and has been loved by many people since ancient times.

The hot spring town is located on a hill with beautiful scenery, and you can see lush green mountains and the sea below. The view from here is truly breathtaking, and you can enjoy this superb view from the open-air baths and guest rooms of the inn.

In addition to hot springs, Shuzenji Onsen has many other attractions, such as a bamboo grove walkway and historical buildings .

Magnificent natural scenery, Irozaki

The last spot on our list is Irozaki , located at the southernmost tip of Nishiizu .

This is a scenic spot with beautiful rocky stretches, and the rocks are especially diverse in shape and color, and the contrast with the sea is vivid. From Irozaki Lighthouse, you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view, and the blue sea that spreads below is spectacular. You can also feel the power of nature by taking a walk along the coastline.

These are the four scenic spots in Nishiizu carefully selected by LOQUAT Nishiizu.

These scenic spots are places where you can fully appreciate the natural beauty and magnificence of Nishiizu. When visiting, please enjoy according to the season and weather. We hope that you will feel the rich nature and culture of Nishiizu while making memories of your trip.


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