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[Osaka gourmet] "Uzushio" Eat extremely rare fish purchased at Kizu Market in sushi and fish hot pot

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At Uzushio, a 3-minute walk from Higobashi Station in Osaka, you can enjoy high-quality fish that you don't usually see and seafood that you can only eat once in a lifetime in a sophisticated and chic space. is brought to a supremely delicious state and can be eaten in sushi or fish hot pot.

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The best fish at Kizu Market, more affordable than anywhere else, and more delicious than anywhere else

"Uzushio" is a carefully thought-out preparation of extremely rare fish, high-quality fish that you rarely see, shellfish that you can only eat once in a lifetime, etc. It is an ideal place for dinner, which is rare even in Osaka, the home of restaurants provided by law.

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Commitment to fish

"Uzushio" sells only fresh seafood carefully selected by Hideaki Misaka, a trader with 25 years of experience in Osaka Kizu Market.

Please enjoy the fish dishes of the day, procured directly from the market on the day.

Shop making

Creating a store is about making time.

Not only the taste of the food, but also the interior, tableware, furnishings, uniforms, etc. are designed in detail so that customers can be more satisfied with their time spent in the restaurant.


hot pot course

Fish shabu-shabu course

¥17,600~ (tax included)

Appetizer, vinegared dish, fish shabu-nabe, rice porridge

Pheasant hot pot course ※Limited time offer

¥17,600~ (tax included)

Appetizer, sashimi, (fried or grilled), vinegared dish, pheasant hotpot, udon noodles

Kawachi duck hot pot course *Limited time offer

¥17,600~ (tax included)

Appetizer, sashimi, Kawachi duck hot pot, udon noodles

Whale Harihari Course *Limited time offer

¥17,600~ (tax included)

Appetizer, (Fried or Grilled), Whale Harihari Hot Pot, Udon Noodles

Broiled course

Chef's Omakase Broiled and Sushi Course *Summer Only

¥17,600~ (tax included)

Chef's recommended sushi 6 rolls, carefully selected grilled dish platter (live! Prawns, 3 types of shellfish, summer vegetables)

sushi course

Luxury course

¥22,000 (tax included)

20 items in total

Chef's Omakase Course

¥17,600 (tax included)

18 items in total

Seasonal course

¥13,200 (tax included)

13 items in total

*The contents of the menu may vary depending on the stocking situation.

business hours

Lunch: 12:00- (Saturdays and Sundays, sushi course only)

Night: 17:30-23:00 (LO 22:30)

Regular holiday

Wednesdays + Irregular Thursdays



Uzushio HP

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