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[Kagawa] 6 Reasons to Stay at Naoshima Ryokan ROKA, the Island of Art Naoshima's First Authentic Ryokan

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Naoshima Ryokan ROKA is a full-fledged ryokan that just opened in 2022 on the world-famous art island of Naoshima (Kagawa Prefecture). All 11 guest rooms are suites with modern Japanese design, and use natural materials such as wood, earth, and stone from the Seto Inland Sea area. In addition to scu...

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``Naoshima Ryokan ROKA'' A one-of-a-kind authentic ryokan on the island of art, ``Naoshima''

Floating in the Seto Inland Sea, Naoshima, Kagawa Prefecture, is known as an island of art and is full of unique charms. In 2022, it was also selected as the 2022 edition of "The World's Most Amazing Places" by American Time magazine.

Access is also very good, about 1 hour by ferry from Takamatsu Port, and about 30 minutes by high-speed boat. Since the Edo period, Naoshima has prospered as an important point for maritime transportation, and the old townscape that evokes memories of that time is in perfect harmony with contemporary art.

Naoshima Ryokan ROKA, which just opened in 2022, is the first full-scale ryokan on the island. Based on the concept of "a ryokan where you can enjoy the scenery of the satoyama and enjoy modern art", the basic design of the building is the simple beauty that is rooted in Japanese aesthetics, starting with the Sukiya style. All 11 guest rooms are suites with modern Japanese design.

Naoshima Ryokan ROKA Reservation Site

If you are visiting Naoshima, we recommend Naoshima Ryokan ROKA. We will introduce the features of the facility and 6 reasons why you should stay.

1. “Wa” time spent on the island

All 11 guest rooms at Naoshima Ryokan ROKA are suites.

We hope that visitors from Japan, as well as overseas, will be able to experience the simple beauty and gracefulness of Japan. The guest rooms, where textures and modern interiors are in harmony, are luxurious, yet have a somewhat light and tranquil atmosphere.

All guest rooms have terraces and open-air baths, and from the large windows you can see the good old scenery of Naoshima, which has been restored through the Satoyama Restoration Project, making you want to lose track of time and stare at it.

For more information about the guest rooms, please visit the official website of Naoshima Ryokan ROKA .

2. A hub for young contemporary artists

Shigeo Goto (Professor, Kyoto University of Arts), who continues to energetically disseminate information on contemporary art, is in charge of the facility's art production.

For example, works by up-and-coming artists are everywhere in Rokasumi, such as the white object “Ether#80” (made by Kohei Nawa) standing in the garden, and “Four Seasons Flowers and Birds” by Ryo Shinagawa decorating the wall of the bar. Dotted.

In addition, in all 11 rooms, there is a program called "Featured Artist" that displays and sells newly drawn works. By setting up a place to present new works on a regular basis, it has also become a hub for young contemporary artists in Japan.

Why not enjoy a “deep time with art” that is different from viewing works in galleries and museums?

For more information on art, please visit the official website of Naoshima Ryokan ROKA .

3. "Restaurant EN" where you can taste Setouchi

"Restaurant EN", where you can enjoy the changing seasons and time through the large windows facing the sunken hearth, reveals a different atmosphere at night and in the morning.

A chef who trained at a first-class restaurant in Kyoto shows off his skills using abundant ingredients such as fresh fish from the Seto Inland Sea, local vegetables, and herbs from Shodoshima.

You can choose from "Sushi Kaiseki Course" or "Kaiseki Course". *Vegan and pescatarians can be catered for.

The sushi rice we are proud of is made with Kagawa-grown rice and red vinegar that has a deep flavor.

In order to further enhance the taste and aroma of high-quality ingredients, we are particular about the cooking temperature for each ingredient. Innovative sushi made with seasonal ingredients is a superb dish that can only be eaten here.

For more information about the cuisine, please visit the official website of Naoshima Ryokan ROKA .

4. The sunken hearth where travelers gather

One of the features of "Naoshima Ryokan ROKA" is the outdoor hearth in the center of the building.

It was created with the desire to create a place where contemporary art lovers from all over the world can gather around a fire and have a place to talk with nature, thereby making the relationship between people and art closer. Ta.

After a meal, you can enjoy tea and sake in this sunken hearth.

5. Once-in-a-lifetime lodgings "cafe bar moya"

"Cafe Bar moya" offers a variety of drinks and food that goes well with alcohol.

We recommend the homemade medicinal sake lined up on the counter. Fennel medicinal liquor with brown sugar syrup is a unique combination, but it has a deep and delicious taste.

You can spend an exciting time in a chic space while admiring the garden "Sanshi Suimei" that changes its expression at night.

6. Sightseeing on Naoshima from the morning on the next day

Naoshima is home to many must-see art viewing spots, including the Chichu Art Museum, the Art House Project, the Lee Ufan Museum, and the Benesse House Museum.

There are also many permanent art installations throughout the island, harmonizing with the good old townscape.

Enjoy the art works while feeling the comfortable island breeze and the slow flow of time unique to the island on a bicycle. It is sure to be a memorable trip.

How to get to Naoshima Ryokan ROKA

Naoshima Ryokan ROKA is located about a 5-minute walk from the Honmura area, the center of Naoshima.

We also offer a free shuttle bus to Miyanoura Port for our guests.

1234 Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa 761-3110 (Googlemap)

For those coming from afar, please check the official website of Naoshima Ryokan ROKA for details.

Enjoy Contemporary Art and Seto Inland Sea Nature at Naoshima Ryokan ROKA

When you visit Naoshima, be sure to stay at Naoshima Ryokan ROKA. You can enjoy a lot of contemporary art and the great nature of Setouchi.

Also, once every three years, the Setouchi International Art Festival, an international art festival of contemporary art, will be held on the islands of the Seto Inland Sea (the next one will be in 2025).

In addition to Naoshima, art is also exhibited on a total of 11 islands in the Seto Inland Sea, including Shodoshima and Teshima.

When you visit Naoshima, how about visiting other islands?

Naoshima Ryokan ROKA Reservation Site

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